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Stress & Anxiety Relief Formula - 100 Tablets - Proprietary Formula
Stress & Anxiety Relief Formula - 100 Tablets - Proprietary Formula

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Stress & Anxiety Relief
Proprietary Formula
100 Tablets

  • 35 All-Natural Ingredients Synergistically Active
  • Improves stress protection and defense*
  • Depression Support*
  • Our Proprietary Formula is safe and natural*
  • Strengthens the immune system*
  • Boosts antioxidant levels*
  • Builds adaptive energy, vitality, and essence*
  • Harmonizes all organ systems & revitalizes body balances*

Read Below: Full Description, Clinical Studies & Research on Stress Relief.

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Anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, dissociative disorders, and phobic disorders are among the more serious emotional manifestations that can result from constant stress. They often are a result of an event that the individual could not deal with at the time. A state of long-term stress is dangerous as it will eventually wear out the body, as a result of stress and its effects on the immune system and glandular system. With 35 ingredients all working synergistically to support stress and anxiety!*

Contains: Magnesium – GABA All B Vitamins – Tyrosine – Chamomile – Passion Flower – Lemon Balm – Skullcap – Valerian Root – St. John’s Wort – Melatonin and more…

  • 35 All-Natural Ingredients
  • Clinically Studied Ingredients for Stress & Anxiety
  • Depression Support*
  • Calmness Support*
  • Relaxation Support*
  • Supporting Ingredient for Sadness*
  • Mood – Ingredients for Two Calming Neurotransmitters* (Neurotransmitters: Chemical Messengers in the Brain and they Help Regulate our Moods and Emotions)
  • Adrenal Balancing Formula*
  • Supports Staying Calm & Focused*

LifeSource Vitamins All Natural Anxiety Relief & Stress Relief Formula is an advanced, safe, and natural medicine that has been successfully used by thousands of people. It brings prompt symptomatic relief of occasional minor anxiety, fear, worry, panicky feelings, and apprehension associated with everyday life without synthetic drugs or side effects. And doesn't require a prescription. It begins to work right away and contains only safe, 100% natural ingredients - 35 different nutrients all working in unison to even out the body's balance which is key to stress relief. Homeopathy is safe for children, elderly people, people who are very allergic, pregnant women, and women who are nursing. In fact, homeopathy represents the safest form of effective medicine known. And since only minute quantities are needed to stimulate the body's mechanisms for relieving anxiety, they are administered in small doses.*

I am stressed, why worry about a Multivitamin?

Great Question: This is not widely spoken of but critically important if you are stressed or have anxiety.

Vitamins help your body perform optimally and multivitamin supplements can help ensure you are also getting the dosages of each mineral that you need. It is important to remember that vitamins and minerals don't work in isolation and consuming too much of one nutrient can have wide-reaching effects and actually become harmful. Also, since many vitamins and minerals work together, if an individual is low on one, body function as a whole is not optimal. Vitamins A, C, and E are powerful antioxidants. Breaking down our food and moving our bodies generates many free radicals which can lead to cumulative damage to our cells. Many environmental exposures also produce significant free radicals, which is normal, but over time, particularly with high exposure, our bodies see the effects of their cellular damage. Antioxidants help us better ward off this damage. The B vitamins, for example, thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (B5), pyridoxine (B6), and biotin (B7) work primarily by acting as middle-men in helping our bodies: 1) obtain energy from the food we eat or 2) create new substances in the body. Think of b vitamins as working together sort of like workers in an assembly line. The line can still work if some people are missing, but not as effective. Some of the b vitamins, such as folic acid (B9) and cobalamin (B12), have particularly important roles and are mentioned because their intakes are commonly low. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are important in creating healthy DNA, the genetic material in our cells. They also help keep homocysteine levels in check. Homocysteine is a substance formed during amino acid metabolism of which high levels are associated with heart disease. Vitamin D plays a very important role in bone and immune health.*

The volume of data on vitamin D is growing rapidly and increasingly research points toward roles in cardiovascular, muscle, and overall health. Vitamin C is also important for collagen formation which is critical to the health of our skin, tendons, and ligaments, while along with vitamin D, vitamin K is beneficial to bone health. Vitamin K is an integral player in blood clotting, preventing excessive bleeding when we have a wound and the collagen promoted by vitamin C helps in forming new tissue to close wounds and strong tissue more resistant to wounds. These are just some of the examples of teamwork between vitamins, remember there is also a great deal of collaboration between vitamins and minerals, such as vitamins D & K working with the mineral calcium to create strong bones.*

Any and we mean any supplementation regime should begin with a high-quality whole food-based multivitamin. However, if you have specific needs or concerns you should always consult a physician before taking any supplement. This is especially recommended if you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications, or otherwise being treated for some disease/condition, to ensure you are taking care of your health needs.*

The safety and purity of vitamins is another common concern. It is typically safest to purchase from a company that has been in business for a while and is known for high-quality good manufacturing. Don’t be afraid to shop around, not just for price, but to ensure that what you think you are putting in your body is in fact what is in the bottle.*

The function of our human body is an amazing interplay of multiple organs and systems. Proper nutrition provides the fuel and intermediates (vitamins) to allow seamless integration of these systems to produce a vibrant, healthy individual. Unfortunately, there are many environmental exposures, both emotional and physical, that can disrupt our homeostasis, requiring us to take our stress management strategies up a notch. Along with other strategies, vitamins can play a key role in maintaining health and managing daily stress. Supplementation becomes even more critical for the majority of American’s that consume a diet that is inadequate in so many vitamins. However, there are a few important things to understand and consider when choosing a vitamin supplementation regimen, particularly with stress management in mind.*

Most individuals can benefit from regular multivitamin supplementation to enhance a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of a good supplementation and nutritional program will likely be evident as you age because those who have received optimal nutrients, in the long term, will have much lower risks of developing chronic degenerative diseases.*

How Eliminating Stress Can Help Us:

• Nourishes and strengthens the nervous system

• Helps calm feelings of anxiety

• Promotes a state of relaxation

• Supports a positive mood

• Encourages a more restful, refreshing sleep

It has been estimated that two-thirds of all visits to physicians are for stress-related problems. Recent evidence indicates that the physical changes associated with stress may contribute to the leading causes of death - heart disease and cancer.

The effects of stress include the following:

• Stress can cause chronic fatigue, digestive upsets, headaches, and back pain.

• Stress can affect the blood cells that help you fight off infection, so you are more likely to get colds and other diseases.

• Constant stress can increase blood pressure and can increase the risk for stroke.

• Stress can increase the danger of heart attacks, particularly if you are often angry and mistrustful.

• Stress can make an asthma attack worse.

• Stress triggers behaviors that contribute to death and disability, such as smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, and overeating.

• Stress can lead to diminished sexual desire and an inability to achieve orgasm.

• Stress makes it harder to take other steps to improve health, such as giving up smoking or making changes in diet.

LifeSource Vitamins Stress & Anxiety Relief - 35 All Natural Ingredients Synergistically Blended to fight stress! Our Proprietary Formula is a safe and natural supplement that is one of our best sellers. 100% all-natural ingredients. Non-addictive!

Proudly Made in the USA!

Every LifeSource Vitamins product exceeds all regulatory standards and requirements set forth in the FDA's Code of Federal Regulation. ( 21 CFR, part 111 ) as well as all Good Manufacturing Practices enforced by the FDA. CGMP's provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. ( CGMP ).

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