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Natural Multivitamins

When we started this company in 1992, our mission was to create the best multivitamin for men and women - and then to perfect it. It took us three years and countless hours of research for our first product to take shape, but at LifeSource, we believe that nothing worth doing is easy. We also believe that there is purpose in everything. From the valuable micronutrients our products offer to the proceeds we provide to charities around the globe, we don’t cut corners or waste even a margin of our efforts.

Although our story begins with just one multivitamin product, today we are proud to offer you a wide selection of complete multivitamins for children and adults. Our vitamins are available in pill, chewable or liquid form and are designed to address the needs of individuals based on age and gender.

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Food-Based Multivitamins

Our commitment to quality guarantees that when you shop with us, you receive only the best all-natural multivitamins. We never include synthetic ingredients the body can't utilize to ensure that each nutrient is properly processed and doesn’t end up as waste.

Boost mental function and alertness while ensuring your body receives a healthy dose of whole-food nutrients every single day. Our multivitamins use non-GMO ingredients and are vegan.