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Men's Once Daily Multi - 30 Vegetarian Tablets - Whole Food Based
Men's Once Daily Multi - 30 Vegetarian Tablets - Whole Food Based

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Men's Once Daily - Multivitamins & Minerals
30 Whole Food Based Tabs
For Men of All Ages - 100% Vegetarian


Proudly Made in the USA!

Also Available in 90 Count

  • Specifically designed for All men over 18 who need a Whole Food once per day multi
  • FACT: All Men must take a multi for optimum health & vitality*
  • Made with Green Foods, Herbs, Plant Foods, and Enzymes for digestion and uploading
  • Includes a Probiotic Blend, Folic Acid and B Vitamins
  • These Ingredients are shown to Support Cardiovascular and Prostate health and help lower cholesterol*

Read Below: Full Description, Clinical Studies & Research on Men's Once Daily Multis.
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LifeSource Vitamins Men's Once Daily Multi contains all of the basic arrays of vitamins/minerals in a once per day vegetarian tablet, but also key ingredients studied and shown to support men’s health, with a variety of Plant Foods, Herbs, Enzymes, and Probiotics.

Do you need a Multi-Vitamin?

Ideally, you would get all the nutrients you need from your diet. However, for one reason or another, most of us don’t. That’s where multivitamins come in. They help to fill in the gaps in your nutrition. Deficiency of these may cause impaired physical and mental development, and reduced productivity.*

Article: Why Take Vitamins? Do We Really Need to?

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Help in Improving Metabolism

There is really so much more to Metabolism than its common association with weight loss. Quite simply, metabolism is a process of burning calories in your body that happens naturally even if you are not exerting any effort - yes including when you are sleeping or the process by which the body converts food into energy. Guess what? Your metabolism is probably at its best during your 20s. And for a generally healthy person not suffering from any major illness, improving metabolism will help boost your energy and stamina, focus and raise the overall productivity level, better sleep as a result of this. However, for a sick person, for example, chromium found in most multivitamins can enhance glucose metabolism (the process of blood sugar converting into useful nutrients for our body) that may have beneficial effects in patients with diabetes.*

Help in Fighting Aging

If all things are equal, after metabolism, the next big thing which is caused by free-radical damage, inflammation, and glycation that is responsible for our overall well-being is aging. Oxidative stress results in the production of toxins (free radicals) that are a significant factor associated with the decline of function associated with aging. These free radicals can cause cell death, contribute to aging as well to a number of health problems, including terminal diseases. Most top graded multivitamins are loaded with ingredients containing antioxidants that scavenge these toxins to fight the normal signs of aging and age-related health issues.*

These antioxidants fight and neutralize the free radicals which cause cellular damage. The damage caused by free radicals is one of the most important causes of aging skin. If left unchecked, these free radicals could cause severe damage to your skin as a result of which your skin could become saggy and loose and start developing wrinkles, lines, cracks, and dark spots. For example, polyphenols and catechins present in green tea extracts of a multivitamin can prevent the free radicals from damaging your skin and keep your skin young and healthy for a long time. Vanity reason aside, anti-aging benefits will inevitably lead to the next most important benefit in our body, the ability to fight diseases.*

Helps in Fighting Diseases

Chronic conditions or some medications may cause vitamin deficiency which we need to supplement. If left unchecked, deficiency of vitamins and minerals can lead to reduced immunity. Reduced immunity, in turn, increases susceptibility to disease. This may impact the overall quality of life. A high-quality multivitamin should contain ingredients like standardized herbal extracts that have proven to support immunity. For example, some common diseases that are associated with the homocysteine levels in our system are heart diseases and diabetes.*

B vitamins, including folic acid, are important to counter the effects of high homocysteine levels in the system, and folic acid has also been named a homocysteine fighter. In June 1998 Diabetologia, a group of doctors in Barcelona explains its study of homocysteine and diabetes. "A high plasma homocysteine concentration is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease but information on its association with diabetes is limited". They also note that people with nephropathy, or kidney disease, have a particular tendency to cardiovascular disease. So vitamin B-complex is very necessary for people who have diabetes.*

Prostate Health – Benefits of Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto benefits are numerous, and as such it has become one of the most popular supplements for male health on the market today.

This powerful herbal extract is purified from the saw palmetto berry and has been used as a remedy for prostate problems as well as a variety of other ailments for generations. In Europe, it is the number one method of treatment for non-cancerous prostate enlargement.*

Saw palmetto benefits your enlarged prostate by preventing it from growing any larger, but it is unknown what the palmetto contains to stop the swelling of the gland. So it doesn't actually shrink the gland, just prevents it from growing bigger. Because of this, a daily saw palmetto dosage may be a good idea if you're a man who is getting a little older and may be at risk of developing prostate problems later on.*

No matter what its size, the prostate gland will simply not swell if you have been taking saw palmetto powder, or any other form of the herb. From the scientific point of view saw palmetto benefits the actual prostate cells by slowing down their swelling and inhibiting any hormones which may be contributing to prostate cell inflammation and stimulation.*

Why use this as opposed to prescription medications? Aside from the many benefits of saw palmetto, there are no known side effects associated with this form of treatment. Many of the conventional treatments are known to reduce your libido or even contribute to impotence. There are also numerous studies currently being conducted on saw palmetto benefits in relation to the prevention of prostate cancer...thus far, results are quite promising.*

A daily saw palmetto dosage doesn't just benefit your prostate. Several of the proteins and oils in the saw palmetto berry have been tested in laboratories. According to scientists, saw palmetto benefits your immune system too, helping your body fight off infections or simple chronic illnesses such as a persistent cough. Since the Palmetto is boosting your immune system, it will also help aid in the prevention and cure of bacterial infections throughout your body.*

A Daily Multivitamin Supplement can Boost Brain Function, UK Researchers Say: by Owen Fertel

Did you know that a simple multivitamin supplement, taken daily, can boost your brain’s ability to function? That’s exactly what teams of British neuroscientists are saying in a new series of studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Psychopharmacology, and Human Psychopharmacology. Their main focus in these studies was to investigate what effects multivitamin supplements have on mood and brain function. Here’s what they found.

After monitoring the mood and brain function of several groups of healthy men, women, and children who had taken store-bought vitamin supplements for a 4-12 week period, the researchers found that the vitamin supplements boosted their brain functioning after just a few weeks of taking their vitamins. All groups – men, women, and children – had more mental energy, alertness, and accuracy in the challenges given to them. Taking large doses of B-complex vitamins increased these effects, particularly in men. Supplementing subjects with Omega 3s in 1-2g amounts, while not directly affecting their brain function, did increase cerebral blood flow while they were participating in cognitive tests. Professor David Kennedy of the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Center at Northumbria University and one of the co-authors of the study said that this suggests dietary DHA (an Omega 3 fat) influences brain function in physiological terms.* This fact has big implications for aging healthily, as well as for dementia.

These effects are the result of subjects having Optimal levels of the vitamins in their systems. Optimal, Dr. Kennedy goes on to say, is way above the level required to avoid deficiency and disease. Think of it in terms of grades – If you’ve gotten to required levels of a vitamin, you are getting C’s. You pass, but no one gives you an award. If you’ve reached optimal levels, then you are getting an A. To get you’re A’s, Dr. Kennedy recommends a multivitamin, as many people are deficient in several vitamin groups. A good multivitamin should cover your bases and patch up whatever you may be deficient in.

Whole Food Based Men's Once Daily Multi contains all of the basic arrays of vitamins/minerals in one vegetarian tablet, but also key ingredients studied, and shown to support men’s health, with a variety of herbs, plant foods, and enzymes. Contains vital nutrients for prostate, cardiovascular health, cholesterol.

Proudly Made in the USA!

Every LifeSource Vitamins product exceeds all regulatory standards and requirements set forth in the FDA's Code of Federal Regulation. ( 21 CFR, part 111 ) as well as all Good Manufacturing Practices enforced by the FDA. CGMP's provide for systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. ( CGMP ).

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