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Pre-Natal with DHA Multivitamins & Minerals 60 Gummies
Pre-Natal with DHA Multivitamins & Minerals 60 Gummies

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Prenatal Multi-Vitamins & Minerals with DHA - Omega 3
Proprietary Formula
60 Gummies

  • A Complete Well Rounded Multivitamin for Mom and Baby
  • Contains DHA & EPA - Omega 3 Fish Oil - Critical for Babies Brain & Eye Development
  • Loaded with Antioxidants
  • Vitamin A
  • Vit B6 & Vit B12
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • Biotin
  • Iodine
  • Zinc
  • Folate - Folic Acid - Folic acid helps Prevent Neural Tube Defects (serious abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord)
  • Niacin

Read Below: Full Description, Clinical Studies & Research on Prenatal Vitamins.
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LifeSource Vitamins Proprietary Formula Prenatal Multivitamins Gummies are a great well-rounded vitamin designed specifically for pregnant women and their babies. This is a crucial time and your nutrition is so very important. Do not buy cheap prenatal vitamins that you can buy at the Mass merchants, they are too generic, nowhere near complete, and not natural in the majority of the cases. It is not worth risking what you are putting into your body at this very special time. Your gift from God needs proper nutrition, not shortcuts.

What Are LifeSource Pre-Natal Multi's?

Prenatal Gummy vitamins are essential for pregnant and lactating women and mandatory for a healthy mother and child as well. LifeSource PreNatals are a comprehensive blend of nutrients that support a mother’s vitality and a baby’s healthy development. LifeSource has brought together a complete range of the nutrients women and developing babies truly need, including iron and folic acid, often inadequate in pregnant and lactating women’s diets. It is also rich in antioxidant Vitamins A, C, D & E and is fortified with folic acid as well as Fish/Tuna Oil. This important nutrient may make a difference in the health of an unborn baby. The U.S. RDA suggests that pregnant and lactating women should be consuming more calcium daily. This is due to the fact that calcium present in the mother’s bones is withdrawn to provide sufficient calcium to the unborn child. Iron is also an important nutrient for pregnant women to support the increased blood volume and to provide the fetus and placenta with individual nutrient requirements.*


Good nutrition during pregnancy is not a simple matter (I’m not hungry, this is normal). Our bodies have different needs and desires at various stages of our pregnant lives. During pregnancy, a woman must increase the number of essential nutrients that they consume. The old adage "eating for two" is quite correct. Most organ systems increase their capacity during pregnancy. The hormonal changes a woman undergoes will almost double the size of her heart and kidneys. The baby is preferentially given calcium and other minerals from their mother’s bone. These minerals must be replaced in the mother’s diet. This explains the craving for ice creams (the pickles I can’t explain). Please feed your body the nutrition it needs for a healthy baby during pregnancy and Mommy’s health after the pregnancy!*

Pre-Natal Vitamins

The best place to begin is a complete prenatal check-up with your physician. Folic Acid is very important for your pregnancy, this folic acid will completely prevent the birth defect spina bifida. The best course of action is to purchase a bottle of folic acid 400mcg before you get pregnant. This will be the best protection against spina bifida. While you are pregnant, LifeSource Pre-Natal vitamins provide the correct balance of all the vitamins that you will need during pregnancy. You only need to take these gummies twice daily, and always with food. It is important to split them up as your body needs continuous nutrients. Your body cannot process all of your days' nutrients at one time. This is where most vitamin makers miss their mark. You cannot miss your mark when a baby is involved. You must get maximum nutrition! Once a day is totally ineffective.*

Morning Sickness actually helps protect the baby

Speaking of morning sickness, this is nature's way of preventing you from ingesting anything that is teratogenic. Teratogenic, is the scientific term for any substance, which may cause birth defects or fetal abnormalities. Certain foods have small amounts of toxins as their natural defense against certain enemies such as insects. While these minute quantities are toxic to a bug they are harmless in a child or adult. A developing fetus is another story. During the first trimester of pregnancy, a baby is completely defenseless against outside chemical agents. This is why it is so important to access your nutritional status before you become pregnant as well as during the time that you are pregnant. Since the first trimester is usually 30 to 40% over before you realize that you are pregnant this is an important time to eat well. Morning sickness or pregnancy sickness, what a wonderful term. There are currently no approved drugs that can be used to combat this condition. Ginger in raw or capsule form is sometimes helpful in stopping this and other types of nausea. Chewing unsalted saltine crackers and sipping alternatively on hot and cold liquids has also been shown to be quite helpful. Before you get pregnant, it is important to feed your body properly with a multivitamin. Try our LifeSource Multi, Tablets, Softgels, Gummies, Powders, or Liquids, all are some of the most complete, well-rounded Multi’s on the market.*

Increase Calcium

Besides your LifeSource Pre-Natal vitamins you should increase your calcium intake. The best way to do this is to eat more dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk, and even ice cream. Even then, you should supplement your Calcium with LifeSource’s Coral Calcium or our Oyster Calcium, both are wonderful products. By eating a healthy diet you do all that you can to ensure the best possible growth and development of your baby during pregnancy. How do you continue to assure the proper growth and development of your baby after birth? By maintaining the best possible dietary intake for you and your child. Take your multivitamins and supplements and also have your children on vitamins as soon as they can chew regular food. LifeSource Vitamins will guarantee proper nutrition.*

The best nutrition for your baby

The best nutrition for your baby is your breastmilk. Scientific studies have proven that breastfeeding is the best developmental alternative for mother and baby. When your baby is born, your breast milk contains colostrum, which helps the baby's development by aiding digestion and providing immune substances, which protect against infection. Breast milk changes as your baby grow: from the colostrum that you lactate during the first week of life to the changing fat, protein, and carbohydrate diet that you lactate during the entire breastfeeding cycle. In general, the foods that you eat are passed along to your baby during lactation. Sometimes, breastfeeding does not work out for the mother or child. Do not be discouraged. Numerous companies make a large number of pumping products for the working mother who can not be home with her child. These pumps can also be used for the mother who must take postpartum medication for a short period that is not safe to pass along to her baby. To ensure the body is producing the most nutritious breast milk, use LifeSource Vitamins' PreNatals.

Your nutrition is very important to us here at LifeSource Vitamins

Sometimes breastfeeding does not work out or a mother simply prefers to use formula. This is an acceptable choice as well. The mother’s nutrition is equally important in both cases. You must replace any nutrients lost to the baby during pregnancy and lactation. Giving birth is also a tremendous undertaking. You need strong nutritional support during the 3-month postpartum period and as long as you continue to breastfeed. We have not found a better, more complete Pre-Natal Multi-Vitamin anywhere at any price. Our passion is you and your baby’s health.*

Eat well, stay well

Eating a healthy and balanced diet and taking a great Pre-Natal will help you have a great pregnancy, a happy and healthy baby, and a good nutritional status for both pre and postpartum to block the long-term effect of problems such as osteoporosis and many other nutritional deficiency related illnesses. Your baby will take certain nutrition needed to remain healthy, and leave the mother with poor nutrition if you let it happen, this is nature's way of creating healthy babies.

LifeSource Vitamins is dedicated to healthy Mommies and babies! Oh yeah, Daddies too! Don’t forget to get your child on our LifeSource Children’s Chewables as soon as they can chew. These are just awesome and contain no Aspartame, and are the most complete chewable on the market. A 1-year supply of the Children’s Chewables is only $18.99. For children over 4 years of age, this is a 6-month supply.

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Why Take Vitamins? Do We Really Need to?

Nutrients can certainly make a difference in the health of an unborn baby.
It is important to ensure an adequate intake of vitamins during pregnancy. Trust LifeSource Vitamins, a company that answers to God in all we do, from the nutrients we choose to the way we run our business.

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