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Synthetic Hormones - Linking Industrial Hormones to Cancer. - Article
Synthetic Hormones - Linking Industrial Hormones to Cancer.  - Article

Synthetic Hormones - Linking Industrial Hormones to Cancer. - Article
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Synthetic Hormones - Linking Industrial Hormones to Cancer

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What are industrial/synthetic hormones or xeno-hormones, how do they get into our bodies, what will they do to us, and what can we do to protect ourselves from them? What you are about to read should cause irritation and discomfort because the major news providers are not reporting it. Thousands of men, women, and children are dying each year and no one wants to, or dares to, release the truth about these synthetic hormone chemicals. Just one example is an Arkansas high school student who decided to do a report on what happens when a fat-containing food is wrapped in saran wrap and then heated up in a microwave or put under a heat lamp. She found that in just a few seconds thousands of times more industrial/synthetic hormones had been released into the food, from the saran wrap, than the human body should ever be exposed to.

Americans are exposed to more of these microscopic synthetic hormone chemicals than practically any other people on earth. They are literally everywhere and it is almost impossible to keep from being exposed. Such synthetic hormone chemicals are used to treat the lumber in your home. Until recently the bottoms of baby beds were constructed from wood treated with these synthetic hormone chemicals. Shampoo, conditioner, hair sprays, body lotions, deodorants, makeup, fingernail polish and paper of all types deliver these synthetic hormone petrochemicals, right through your skin and the air you breathe, directly into your blood. Pesticides, exhaust from automobiles and even the plastic containers from which we eat and drink, contain these dangerous synthetic hormone chemicals.

Structurally these plastics are so close to estrogen that they have been found to fit the same receptor sites. This blocks your hormones from being able to do their job. Your body may begin to increase cell production forming fibroid tumors, especially in the breasts, uterus, and cervix in women and prostate in men. In men, the prostate has estrogen receptor sites, for these industrial/synthetic hormones to fit, just like the breasts in women.

Men and women alike should be interested because tons of research now shows that men with an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer have elevated estrogen in their blood the same as women with severe PMS and breast cancer. It's almost always the industrial/synthetic hormones that we are speaking about. These synthetic hormones may be instrumental in some cases of early puberty in girls. Another major news story that is not being released, because the giant chemical companies block the information, is that male testosterone levels have dropped 50% in just the last thirty years. This, of course, decreases the sex drive. When a man has an overabundance of these industrial/synthetic hormones he will also have a tendency to develop an extra roll of fat around his middle, enlarged or fatty breasts and swollen prostate. Young girls may develop breasts and start their menstrual cycle as early as age 9 or 10, something that is happening all too often in this nation, due to these xeno-estrogens.

Many of you have read Dr. John R. Lee's information about how the American people are being exposed to more and more of these synthetic hormone petrochemicals each year. Cancer is increasing at alarming rates and many of them have been tied to these industrial/synthetic hormones. If you are using hormone replacement therapy and being exposed to the industrial hormones then you may be in double trouble. Hormones are the messengers that travel through the body keeping it balanced. These hormones control the production of cells, sex drive, fertility, moods and emotions and even your energy levels. With this knowledge, you begin to understand why it is so important to keep your hormones balanced and why it is just as important to remove the industrial hormones (synthetic hormones) from your body.

Because the medical profession knows that too much estrogen can cause cancer they use tamoxifen, a drug that competes with estrogen for binding receptor sites in target tissues such as breasts, uterus, and prostate. Research from the University of California Berkley has shown over and over again that eating broccoli and other vegetables help protect you from developing certain types of cancers. Research has now revealed that melanoma (skin cancer) has also been associated with high estrogen levels or estrogen-driven.

Last year alone, there were 180,000 new cases of breast cancer and believe it or not only 10% of those new cases had a history of it in their family. Out of the 180,000, an alarming 50,000 die of breast cancer each year. Women are constantly told to get mammograms and do monthly breasts exams. What they are not told is that by the time the cancer is detected, using this advanced technology, it has been growing for 10 to 20 years, and remember, you can't palpate a molecular structure until; in most cases, it's too late. Another staggering statistic is that back in 1970 one in 20 women would develop breast cancer while today that number has increased to one in eight. Many times cancer has already spread to other parts of the body before ever being detected. That's why many women who have a breast removed find out five to seven years later, the same cancer can be found in the lungs, brain or other parts of the body. You never have this kind of increase in cancer, over a 30-year period of time, unless you have an environmental stimulant causing it. Genetics is not the problem or the human race would have been wiped out long ago. Limitation of your exposure to industrial/synthetic hormones is vital to your health.

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