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Lowering Blood Pressure - Omega 3 and CoQ10.- Bruce Brightman - LifeSource Vitamins - Article
Lowering Blood Pressure - Omega 3 and CoQ10.- Bruce Brightman - LifeSource Vitamins - Article

Lowering Blood Pressure - Omega 3 and CoQ10.- Bruce Brightman - LifeSource Vitamins - Article
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Lowering Blood Pressure - Omega 3 and CoQ10.

By: Bruce Brightman - founder, LifeSource Vitamins

Feel the pressure: What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the force in the arteries when the heart beats and when the heart is at rest, (systolic pressure and diastolic pressure respectively). High blood pressure in adults, also called hypertension, is classified as a blood pressure greater or equal to 140 systolic pressure or greater than or equal to 90 diastolic pressure, according to the American Heart Association.1 High blood pressure makes the heart work much harder to pump blood throughout the body, the result of which can be hardening of the arteries, the development of heart failure, and the increased risk of stroke. But take some deep breaths and relax. If you are proactive, there are many things you can do to control high blood pressure if you are diagnosed or to avoid it if you don't have it.

No Pressure: How is high blood pressure diagnosed?

Diagnosis can be a little tricky, because, for the most part, it is reliant on the patient getting their blood pressure checked. It is estimated as many as one in three adults has high blood pressure but is unaware of the condition.2 There are usually no symptoms associated with high blood pressure and therefore people can live with it for many years without seeking treatment. However, untreated high blood pressure can cause numerous health problems including strokes, heart attacks and heart or kidney failure.3 The main way to diagnose hypertension is to have it checked. Ideally adults should have their blood pressure monitored by a medical professional on a regular basis. No more skipping those wellness checkups!

Under Pressure: What causes high blood pressure?

There is no one concrete cause that contributes to high blood pressure. It can be thought of as more of a mosaic, because many issues come into play regarding the onset of the condition. Some high-risk lifestyle factors may include smoking, being overweight, consuming a high sodium/high fat diet and drinking excessive alcohol. Stress, age and a family history of high blood pressure are also thought to aid in the development of high blood pressure.

Can't Take the Pressure: Improving high blood pressure

The good news is that in many cases, high blood pressure is treatable. There are a lot of ways to be proactive about hypertension. These include smoking cessation, exercising regularly, decreasing your sodium intake, losing weight (if you are overweight) and managing stress. Even minor things like taking walks at lunchtime or going to a yoga class once a week can over time contribute to lowered blood pressure levels.

Eating a low fat diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables, fish and "good fats" (Omega-3's) is also thought to contribute to maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. Avoiding excessive alcohol and some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are also considered helpful. Nutritional supplements containing Omega-3 and CoQ10 are believed to benefit the heart and therefore may help to alleviate hypertension too.

An easy way to ensure you have enough healthy nutrients in your every day diet is to add supplements to it. Powerful antioxidant Omega 3's and CoQ10 have numerous heart healthy attributes in a highly absorbable form. And CoQ10 is famous for its heart health properties among many other benefits. These supplements are convenient to take, have no side effects and won't require you to plan ahead at mealtime. They are engineered to be absorbed efficiently by the body, so you can enjoy the added heart health support benefits you need.

So take heart. As you now realize, there is plenty of help and support out there.

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