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Calcium - Coral Calcium Advanced - 100 Veg Capsules
Calcium - Coral Calcium Advanced - 100 Veg Capsules

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Calcium - Coral Calcium Advanced
w/ Magnesium Oxide, Citrate, and Oxide as well as Vitamin D

100 Veg Capsules


  • Strengthens Bones and Teeth, Helps Prevent Bone Loss
  • Defends against Osteoporosis
  • Helps with Muscle Contractions
  • Helps Fight Heart Disease
  • Helpful Reducing High Blood Pressure
  • Fortifies Tooth Enamel
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Can Reduce Cramps, Irritability, and PMS
  • Helps Preventing Gastric and Colorectal Cancers
  • Wound Healing and Blood Clotting
  • Releases Neurotransmitters
  • Regulates digestion, energy, and fat metabolism

Read Below: Full Description, Clinical Studies & Research on Coal Calcium.

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LifeSource Vitamins Proprietary Coral Calcium Advanced Formula

Updated Formula: In this new formula, our Coral Calcium Advanced formula, Magnesium and Vitamin D have been added due to their essential role in bone metabolism. Our Magnesium consists of 3 forms for best potency, Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Citrate, and Magnesium Aspartate. We do this so no matter what your body works best with it will upload for complete efficacy.

We here at LifeSource Vitamins would like to clear up all of the misconceptions and confusion about Coral Calcium. Calcium can be a secret to good health. No other mineral is capable of performing as many biological functions as calcium. This amazing mineral provides the electrical energy for the heart to beat and for all muscle movement. An important biological job for calcium is DNA replication, which is crucial for maintaining youth and a healthy body. Low calcium levels in the body mean low body repair and premature aging. With premature aging comes premature diseases, most of which are preventable.*

The scientific evidence that calcium is the key to good and long health is overwhelming. This has been noted in articles in such reputable publications as, New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Medical Association, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Readers Digest, US News and World Report and so many others. Coral Calcium controls all nerves and helps our DNA, which we need as DNA only replicates when Calcium-induced, which rebuilds when we stop rebuilding we grow old quicker. We are supposed to live past 100 years of age, it is even in the bible. But by the time we are all 60 years of age, we are 90% calcium deficient. The American Medical Association has found that Calcium reverses numerous cancers along with hundreds of other benefits. This is why we at LifeSource say that proper nutrition is the key to a longer & healthier life, and it is not just a slogan to sell supplements.*

Why are there so many different Coral Calcium options to buy?

Genuine Coral is expensive to harvest, ship, and process properly. The stores and the web are filled with brands, which cut corners such as: blending the Okinawan coral with other forms of calcium or coral from other parts of the world. Selling low-grade coral or high lead content coral. Selling it in caplet form, which is not absorbable due to binding agents and fillers is very prevalent. Capsules are much better utilized by humans. Our Coral Calcium is truly 100% pure, we add nothing to the Coral Calcium, nothing. Just pure Above-Sea Coral Calcium. One suggestion that we have is not to buy "Cheap Coral". It is not a bargain. It is not the real thing, and can be harmful to your health due to other ingredients that may be present.*

What does Coral Calcium really do?

Coral Calcium has indicated helping with over 200 conditions associated with mineral deficiencies. Studies show that it helps to clean the kidneys, intestines, and liver while breaking down heavy metals and drug residues in the body. It balances the pH level of water, which strengthens and revitalizes cells and tissue, while helping to prevent the risk of degenerative diseases. Helps achieve an Alkaline Balance, Neutralizing Acidity Level which increase muscle and joint mobility, combats arthritic conditions of numerous kinds, fights against heart disease and defends against digestive problems. Helps prevent sports injuries and heals them faster if one occurs, stops headaches, stabilizes high or low blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Studies also indicate relief from osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers, eczema, Alzheimer's disease, Fibromyalgia, muscle cramps, kidney stones, gallstones, gout, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, hypertension, indigestion, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, gastroenteritis, hiatal hernia, and cataracts. Also shown to boosts the immune system, and gives an incredible feeling of well-being, and increases long-term health if taken appropriately.*

Coral Calcium: Does it work, or is it another super-pill scam?

Coral Calcium is neither a fountain of youth nor a scam. Coral Calcium is an excellent source of calcium and minerals, which are in an exceptionally bio-available form. When people lacking calcium and trace minerals finally absorb them, some exciting benefits may occur creating this fountain of youth idea. Lab assays show the mineral content is real, hundreds of doctors now recommend the product. Personal testimonials attesting to benefits number in the hundreds of thousands. We at LifeSource Vitamins are proud of our truly pure Coral Calcium, one of the few in the whole industry that can actually say it and mean it. One should take Coral Calcium with the expectation that it will support your body like any other excellent health supplement. Results are the key to any supplement we produce here at LifeSource, we won’t produce anything that won’t truly help our bodies in our quest for long-term health, and surpass all similar products on the market.*

There are many different forms of calcium and there is no such thing as a bad mineral. What you must consider is how much of the calcium can be absorbed by the body. Some forms, like Calcium lactate and calcium phosphate, are 5% absorbable in 20 hours, makes good plant fertilizer, but not the best for the human body. In clinical tests done in Japan, it was shown that the calcium from Coral Calcium was the most absorbable. The test compared the calcium from dairy, carbonate (limestone), and coral calcium. Coral Calcium was shown to be 100% absorbable and the most bioavailable. An inadequate supply of calcium is thought to play a significant role in contributing to the development of osteoporosis. Many published studies show that low calcium intakes are associated with low bone mass, rapid bone loss, and high fracture rates.*

The Associated Press reported on a study released by the New England Journal of Medicine that older people can reduce the risk of broken bones by fifty percent by taking calcium and vitamin D supplements. Researchers from Tufts University stated that these supplements decrease the rate of bone turnover - the breaking down and rebuilding cycle - and have a positive effect on bone density. The people of Okinawa, Japan have been taking Coral Calcium for hundreds of years. They are living healthy active lives well into their 90's, and practically disease free. Why, you ask? So did we, we went straight to the source and this is what our studies showed. Coral reefs over the millennium formed what is now the Okinawan Islands. Therefore their food is grown in mineral-rich soil, the water they drink is loaded with minerals, and they work outside, getting plenty of natural vitamin D (sunshine). Those are the keys.*

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What does water have to do with Calcium deficiency?

Poor quality water may have been acidified by bacteria, algae, chloroform (from chlorination), nitrates and not least dangerous heavy metals, for example, cadmium and aluminum. These pollutants may come from factory discharges, agriculture, sewer pipes, water mains, and acid rain. The environment of fluids in which your cells reside is known as your biological terrain. The following are four characteristics of your biological terrain: pH refers to the "potential of Hydrogen" and its activity level in fluids. Many people today have an overly acidic pH due to drinking colas, improper food combinations, and consumption of processed foods, stress and pollution. Coral Calcium raises the alkalinity of the extracellular fluid that surrounds your cells. An alkaline, versus acidic, environment is believed to be one of the major deterrents to tissue damage, aging and the growth of disease organisms. When your body consists of a more neutral to an alkaline environment, the body can then use its amazing God-given ability to heal itself naturally.*

LifeSource Vitamins' Coral Calcium will keep the pH level of your body fluids in sync so your body can fight disease naturally, the way it was meant to.*

Method of Action

The method of action for Coral is unknown. Some say it is by regulating body pH, others claim a homeopathic action, and some espouse a cell salt theory. We favor the view that the synergy between the minerals found in coral plus the fact that they have been pre-digested by the coral polyps and hence in an organic form that is easy to assimilate has more to do with how it works than anything. Again, the proof is in the results.*

Okinawan Coral

Most Coral Calcium products on the market are from the Japanese region of Okinawa. A few are beginning to blend coral from other countries in their formulas without telling the consumer. Some of the countries that either currently market coral in America or soon will are: Caribbean, India, Brazil, and China. No blended products are included in our coral products, just pure Coral Calcium. Over 90% of all Coral Calcium sold in the U.S. has additives, the way they say pure is that they use pure coral, but have many other supplements cut into the product.

Sango Coral

What about Sango - some say Sango is the best. Actually, Sango is simply a local Okinawan reference to Coral in general - so all Okinawan Coral is Sango. Yet another misuse or manipulation of terms by the supplement market.

Ionized Coral

All Okinawan Coral is ionized too - that just means it takes on a charge (a positive one to be specific) so don't be fooled by companies claiming to have a superior product because it is "Ionized" Coral Calcium. The important thing is that this ionization makes it far more useable for humans compared to regular calcium supplements.

Above Sea vs. Below Sea “Marine Grade”, which is better?

There are two sources of Okinawan Coral. Coral which is mined above sea level and Marine Coral (below-sea) which is vacuumed from the ocean bottom near the Coral reefs. Which is best, Above-Sea or Below-Sea sourced coral?

Laboratory analysis of the two kinds shows each variety has 74 minerals and have similar quantities of the minerals. Above-Sea Coral tends to have a little higher percentage of Calcium - 35 to 38% while the Marine variety has 20 - 24% calcium. Again, wide swings of percentages are thrown around by everyone including the so-called expert, and they are simply not true.

So when you read about a company having 500 mg of Coral calcium per capsule, you know that roughly 1/3 of that is pure calcium. All of it comes from Okinawan Coral and toxic levels of heavy metals is a non-issue for all above-sea and almost all below-sea coral.

Last summer, studies done in Okinawa, they unearthed another matter of concern regarding "Marine" coral - that is the purity of a product that involves vacuuming the ocean floor, and we found that the Marine vacuuming process can be damaging to the Coral environment. We obtained raw marine coral product samples, which have high sand content. This is not all bad as sand is not toxic or harmful. It is just not a pure coral product. These impurities are likely the reason Marine Coral has lower calcium content than fossilized coral. An expert, in our opinion, is Dr. Bruce Halstead MD, Ph.D. who is better qualified than most on the coral subject, and wrote the definitive title on Fossilized Coral Stony Minerals, his choice was Above-Sea sourced coral, which is exactly what LifeSource produces.

Clinical Grade

Some claim to have "clinical grade" but no explanation is offered as to how this is different from any other. Coral is a whole food source of calcium and minerals and there is no standard grading system including "clinical grade". Something that does matter more is particle size. It comes in a range of sizes from 2 microns (like flour) up to 44 microns. The smaller, the better for absorption purposes. True Coral Calcium should disappear in a glass of water, with no residue on the top of the glass or at the bottom either.

Physician Formulated

The Coral formulas on the market are very simple formulations based on Dr. Carl Reich's work from 1950 through 1992 where he combined Calcium and Vitamin D to work miracles in patients. This has proven extremely valuable information for all calcium production and studies. You should always take your Coral Calcium with your multivitamin, as it has Vitamin D in the multi. There is no need to add Vitamin D to the Coral Calcium, it takes away the purity. Just make sure that you take your Coral with your multi a couple of times a day.

The Hype on Coral Microbes

Although super qualities have been attributed to these microbes, we do not believe they exist in commercially available coral, if at all. Marine coral is heat-treated and fossilized coral is ozonated. Both processes will kill any living microbe. The coral works, but not because of microbes.

Dear LifeSource Vitamins customer or potential customer, thank you so much for reading this information and caring enough about your body to research this supplement before you put anything into your system. We are quite sure that this product will be clean and pure and pass all environmental safety practices. You have my word on that. Bruce Brightman – founder LifeSource Vitamins

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can Coral Calcium cure disease?

A. No, Coral Calcium is an alkalizing mineral powerhouse, that has been shown to help balance the pH level of the body, creating an environment where the body can heal itself, the God-given way.

Q. What do you mean by "pH?"

A. pH (positively charged hydrogen atom), refers to how acidic a solution is. The lower the number the more acidic, the higher the number the more alkaline. A pH saliva reading of 7.5 is considered excellent.

Q. What type of coral calcium is the best?

A. The main indicator of quality is accepted to be the raw material with the highest amount of naturally occurring minerals. All scientist and chemists studies done all over the world point to Above-Sea Coral Calcium. No matter what you hear, read from the Medical Journals as to the unbiased studies.

Q. What are the other sea minerals found in Coral Calcium?

A. There are over 70 sea minerals found in coral calcium some of which are Zinc, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, and Selenium.

Q. Can I take too much calcium?

A. No, what your body doesn't use, it passes

No living coral is harmed or destroyed in accordance with the "Washington Treaty"

  • Shown to help with ADHD, relaxes the Nervous System

Coral Calcium: has indicated helping with over 200 conditions associated with mineral deficiencies. Studies show that it helps to clean the kidneys, intestines, and liver while breaking down heavy metals and drug residues in the body.*

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