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Whey Plus w/ Phyto Greens & Phyto Reds Powder - 2 lbs.
Whey Plus w/ Phyto Greens & Phyto Reds Powder - 2 lbs.

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Whey Protein Plus Greens & Reds

Organic /
Double Choc Fudge 2 lbs.

Also Available in 4 lb size!

By adding these Whey Plus Phyto Greens and Reds you get a huge supply of your Fruits and Veggies per serving while getting a whopping 23 grams of protein per serving!

LifeSource Vitamins Phyto’s are:

  • Made from the Freshest Organic Raw
  • Naturally Grown Fruits and Vegetables
  • Vine-Ripened Nutrition
  • With Digestive Enzymes
  • Algae & Grasses
  • Minerals
  • Without any Water, Sugar, Salt or Pulp.

Organic Whey Protein from Certified Grass-Fed Midwest Dairy Cows - United States Cows - Not China

  • Disease Free
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Pesticide Free
  • Chemical Free
  • Hormone Free
  • GMO-Free
  • rBGH Free

Read Below: Full Description, Clinical Studies & Research on Whey Protein Plus Greens and Reds.

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Description Supplement Facts

Whey Protein plus Phyto Greens & Phyto Reds

2 lbs. Double Chocolate Fudge

Also Available in 4 lb size!

By adding these Phyto Greens & Reds you get a huge supply of your Fruits and Veggies per serving while getting a whopping 23 grams of protein per serving!

Taking this Whey Protein with Greens & Reds will change your health and your life!

An Unequaled Organic, Grass-Fed, Hormone Free, Pesticide Free, GMO-Free, Antibiotic Free, rBGH Free Whey Protein

It all starts with our Whey Protein: Our whey protein comes from grass-fed U.S. raised dairy cows that are:

  • Disease-free
  • Pesticide-free Chemical-free
  • Hormone treatment free
  • GMO-free
  • It comes from Raw, unpasteurized milk.
  • Contains BCAAs, which are metabolized directly and absorbed quickly into muscle tissue, therefore providing the desired results quicker! Guaranteed.
  • Easily uploaded to the bloodstream, unlike most Whey Protein.
  • Microfiltration Technology is used in processing our Whey Protein Isolate.
  • Dried at Cold Temperatures because heat kills protein!
  • Mixes easily and tastes amazing, our Double Chocolate Fudge actually tastes as good as it sounds.
  • Nature's Highest Quality Protein from grass-fed cows that are disease-free, pesticide-free, chemical-free, hormone-treatment-free and GMO-free.
  • Contains Undenatured Whey Microfractions.

This makes it easy for kids to get there fruits and veggies, they taste great!

Our Whey Proteins are sweetened with Stevia, not Sucralose or Fructose. In numerous studies, both Sucralose & Fructose have been found to be harmful for long term use. Sucralose has even shown to cause weight gain with consistent use.

Who should take Whey Protein?

Quite simply, everyone - our bodies need more protein to properly function than we can actually consume through our food channels. And the older we get the less we can attain the benefits of eating lots of meat as our bodies cannot process the hard to digest the fibers of meat in our later years. LifeSource's Proprietary Whey Protein delivers the perfect balance of essential and non-essential amino acids for super nitrogen retention and maximum muscle growth. It saturates your muscles with high-quality protein to help you pack on mass, giving you a positive impact on your performance. Most people over the age of 16 years of age should take protein as a supplement. From 16 to 98 and everyone in between, our bodies need protein to fuel the body for the body to work effectively as it is supposed to do.

Protein is the second most abundant substance in body-second only to water. An absolute key to maintaining a health vital body, protein plays an important role in...

  • Boosting immune function *
  • Inhibiting cancer cell proliferation *
  • Increasing the efficacy of cancer chemotherapy drugs *
  • Protecting against free radicals and boosting cellular glutathione levels *
  • Extending life span in laboratory animals *
  • The growth & development of all body tissues *
  • Formation of hormones *
  • Regulation of pH in blood & tissues *
  • Regulation of fluid in the body *
  • Formation of enzymes and antibodies *


We make our Whey Proteins every few weeks to ensure live proteins!

What are the Benefits of Green Phyto Foods? Here are just a few:

  • Increased and Sustained Energy Levels all day long, no more ups and downs (crashes) of energy throughout the day. *
  • Emulsifies Cholesterol & Fat. *
  • Strengthens Immune System *
  • Natural weight loss. Green Phyto Foods can help you lose weight easily by bringing your body back into it natural balance.*
  • Detoxifies the intestinal tracts and cleans/purifies the colon. *
  • Helps control hunger as well as cravings. All natural nutrients ensure that you will get 100% absorption, while synthetic and non-organic greens will provide 5 - 15% absorption. *
  • Each serving supplies your daily requirement of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods.*
  • Neutralizes acidity. Helps with heartburn, acid reflux, and upset stomachs, all of which are caused mainly by over-acidification. *
  • Aids in efficient and enhanced digestion. *
  • Improved elimination of bodily wastes. *
  • Chlorophyll enriched, with fiber-enriched herbs and vegetables, which aids in mental clarity. *
  • Oxygenates the cells. Help the skin cells to regenerate more efficiently.*
  • Maximizes blood purification and aids in detoxification. *
  • Helps dramatically slow the aging processes caused by over-acidification. *
  • Healthier Skin, unhealthy skin is usually due to poor digestion. *
  • Hair and nails strengthen and become healthier. *

Why Take Green Phyto Foods?

Green Phyto Foods from LifeSource Vitamins are some of the lowest sugar and most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. The green color is produced by Chlorophyll. From a chemical breakdown, the components of chlorophyll are almost identical to those of hemoglobin - our body's oxygen transporter. A German chemist, Dr. Richard Willstatter, discovered the resemblance in 1913. He found that hemoglobin is composed of 4 elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen - organized around a single atom of iron. Hemoglobin's iron content is the main reason we need a dietary supplement of this mineral. Chlorophyll has the same elements; however, they are organized around a single atom of magnesium. Chlorophyll reduces the binding carcinogens to DNA in the liver and other organs. It also breaks down the calcium oxalate stones for elimination, which are created by the body for the purpose of neutralizing and disposing of excess acid. The two best sources of chlorophyll are Wheat Grass and Barley Grass, both of which are prevalent in our "Organic" Green Phyto Foods formula.

LifeSource's Proprietary Formula is a powerful Mega-Food formulation of organically grown grasses, sprouted grains, and vegetables, blood purifying and immune enhancing herbs, with antioxidants. Our Green Phyto Foods is synergistically blended to enhance and preserve the radiating frequency of each ingredient. Our Phyto Greens helps your body's pH while providing you with the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant proteins you need for proper cell regeneration.

Science States: You can protect yourself against cancer, heart disease, and diabetes-or stop them in their tracks by eating the right foods.

HOW YOU ASK? Phytonutrients. These potent disease-fighting compounds, found in vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other foods, play a key role in combating our country's biggest killers.

Why are the benefits of Red Phyto Foods?

  • Slow & or Stop the development of cancer cells.*
  • Block testosterone and estrogen from promoting cancer cell growth.*
  • Prevent tumors from spreading by choking off their blood supply. *
  • Detoxify environmental carcinogens. *
  • Reverse coronary artery disease. *
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for insulin injections for type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes. *
  • Boost the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments and reduce their toxic side effects. *
  • Replace lost bone minerals in people suffering from osteoporosis. *
  • Whole body support with vitamins, enzymes, fruits, and fiber. *
  • High in natural anti-oxidants for healthy aging, vascular and immune support. *
  • Probiotic Super Blend to support digestion. *

Here are some interesting facts:

  • Foods (fruits, vegetables, and grains) now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals, are starving us, no matter how much we eat! No man in today's world can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he needs for optimum health because his stomach is not nearly large enough to eat this much.
  • Also, plants absorb 67 vitamins and minerals from the soil before they are harvested, however, a typical farmer only adds back 3 nutrients to the soil, so over time, this creates a huge nutritional deficiency in our daily diet and nutritional intake. LifeSource's Green Phyto Foods helps combat this as each serving is like eating 2 lbs. of nutritious veggies, and fruits as well as whole foods and nutritional herbs the body needs that it is not getting any longer.
  • The body continuously regenerates new cells. Skin cells are regenerated every 30 days, while bone cells regenerate at a rate of 120 days. If our cells do not receive proper nutrition, then they fall into a state of degeneration, which is commonly known as again. Our Whey w/ Phyto Greens & Reds formula helps in this process greatly.
  • The nourishment given to the body must have a minimum resonating frequency of 70 megahertz. The typical American diet is rarely above 50 maximum megahertz and most supplements have a standard frequency of only 5 - 10 megahertz. LifeSource's Green Phyto Foods resonates an astonishing 250-megahertz.
  • All disease is in the blood and our over-acidification of the blood and tissues is the primary contributor to sickness and disease. Yeast's, fungi, molds, bacteria's, and viruses need and acidic environment to thrive and grow. Modern diets and lifestyles are not conducive to combating these diseases and sicknesses from happening. Our Green Phyto Foods is naturally alkaline to help this combative process and also aid in your pH levels for greater health and well-being.

Phyto Reds from LifeSource is an ideal nutritional boost for every individual who wants to ensure that in one's diet that one has the nutrients and Phyto-nutrients needed for optimum health especially from natural superfoods. Our Phyto Reds are fortified with key nutrients to enable the body to boost the immune system and protect the body against free radical damages, all which have been associated with degenerative diseases. Our Phyto Reds are ideal for weight loss and overall great health.

In recent studies, eating plenty of high-ORAC foods:

  • Raised the antioxidant power of human blood 10 to 25 percent
  • Prevented some loss of long-term memory and learning ability in middle-aged rats
  • Maintained the ability of brain cells in middle-aged rats to respond to a chemical stimulus--a function that normally decreases with age
  • Shown to protect rats' tiny blood vessels--capillaries--against oxygen damage!

+ We have a very select few ranchers that we deal with that raise the cattle the way we feel they should be raised. They raise them with Compassion and Humanely. These ranchers treat them wonderfully quite frankly. So we have had a tight-knit group of ranchers that we have always bought from that do not use any hormones, chemicals, GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms). They also must be grass fed which is what they should be ingesting for their long term health. With this process comes the most nutritiously rich, nutrient-packed milk which in turn means the best possible whey protein is produced from this milk. Over 95% of all ranchers in the United States cannot qualify for us to work with them for our Whey Protein due to what they feed these animals, the hormones, antibiotics. They also add GMO Corn or food to cut their expenses; this is simply not acceptable for LifeSource, so this really limits who we can work with. I guess that commercial really is right, Happy Cows Make Happy Milk!

Grass-fed cattle produce whey protein that contains significant health benefits over corn-fed beef & other conventional means of raising cattle.

Grass-fed cows have higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. These are the healthy fats found in salmon, flaxseed, and walnuts. Studies indicate these help prevent heart disease and bolster the immune system.

Grass-fed cows also produce higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA's) and vitamins A & E. Research indicates that these antioxidants and healthy acids help fight breast cancer, atherosclerosis, and type 2 diabetes.

With proper management, animals raised on pasture rather than Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's) or factory farms represent a net benefit to the environment. Farming cattle on pasture contribute to a complete ecological cycle. Grazing cattle cyclically do their own harvesting and fertilizing, which create the next cycle of vegetation.

Grazing cattle is the most effective way to reduce erosion and water pollution. The grasses produce solid root structures that help avert erosion, allow for the soil to hold water, refill aquifers, and protect surface water. Conversely, managed pasturelands make virtually no contribution to soil erosion, groundwater loss, or water pollution.

Raising cattle exclusively on grass is the most energy efficient method whey cattle raising. Grazing cattle produce two calories of energy profit (food, fertilizer, and fiber) for every one calorie of fossil fuel used. By comparison, in order to raise cattle on grains, row crops are required. Cultivating row crops uses between five and ten calories of fossil fuel for each calorie of food harvested (machinery used for tilling, planting, and harvesting). Consequently, it is ten to twenty times more energy efficient to raise cattle wholly on grass than on grains.

Grass-fed meat and dairy products have less fat and more vitamin E, beta carotene and cancer-fighting fatty acids than factory-farm products. All across the country, farmers and ranchers are returning to this ancient and healthier way of raising animals. Instead of sending them to feedlots to be fattened on grain, farmers are keeping animals home on the range. Cattle graze, lie down, chew their cud, graze-a soothing cycle, repeated day after day-and chickens hunt for seeds and bugs as their ancestors have for eons. Although raising livestock on pasture is viewed as a radical departure from modern ranching, it is simply a return to a more balanced system. Ranchers boycotting the feedlots are hardworking pioneers whose goal is to make a living selling their products directly to direct customers like LifeSource Vitamins, restaurants and natural food stores. By eliminating some of the middlemen they hope to accomplish what can seem like an impossible dream: making a decent living from a small, family farm.

Bruce Brightman - founder

LifeSource Vitamins

LifeSource Vitamins Phyto’s are made from the freshest organic raw, naturally grown fruits and vegetables that are vine-ripened, with digestive enzymes, algae, grasses & minerals without any water, sugar, salt or pulp.

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LifeSource Vitamins Organic Double Chocolate Fudge, Grass Fed Whey Protein is loaded with Phyto Greens (Veggies) and Phyto Reds (Fruits) Powder, and is Hormone Free, Pesticide Free, GMO-Free, Antibiotic Free, rBGH Free and sweetened with the Fruits of the phytos and Stevia.

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Great product October 16, 2017
Reviewer: Lyn Hartman from Inver Grove Heights, MN United States  
I have been using this product for years, now. I has to be one of the best on the market. I get great results.

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Better than expected! May 8, 2017
Reviewer: Gerald  
Tastes like a chocolate shake when you mix with milk!

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