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Parkinson's Disease - Conditions & Cures Info with Proven Effective Supplements Listed
Parkinson's Disease - Conditions & Cures Info with Proven Effective Supplements Listed

Parkinson's Disease

Conditions & Cures
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  • Tremors
  • Rigid or heavy feeling arms and legs
  • A “pill rolling” motion of the hand and thumb
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty speaking
  • A shuffling gait, with the arms close in the body
  • A stooped posture
  • A mask-like facial expression
  • Drooling
  • Eventually, an inability to perform most voluntary and semi-voluntary movements


There are no definitive causes known for Parkinson’s Disease. Suspect causes or aggravating factors may include:

  • Insecticides, pesticidesl, and herbicides
  • Inflammatory brain disorder
  • Free radicals
  • Heavy metals
  • Poor nutrition
  • Carbon-monoxide poisoning
  • Fool allergies

Prescription for Natural Cures
by James F. Balch and Mark Stengler

Super Prescription # 1 Coenzyme Q10 – LifeSource Products Take 1,200 mg daily. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that has been shown in one preliminary study to reduce the progression of early-stage Parkinson’s Disease.

Super Prescription # 2 Vitamin C – LifeSource Products Take 750 mg four times daily. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that prevents free-radical damage.

Super Prescription # 3 Vitamin E - LifeSource Products Take 800 IU four times daily. Vitamin E (tocopherols and tocotrienols) is an important antioxidant that prevents free radical damage.

Super Prescription # 4 Glutathione – LifeSource Products Take 250 mg three times daily. This antioxidant prevents cellular damage.

Super Prescription # 5 Omega 3/FishOil/Essential Fatty Acids – LifeSource Products

Take a fish oil product that will provide at least 1 gram of DHA and EPA daily. Flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil are additional options.

Super Prescription # 6 Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) Take 5 mg daily. Preliminary research has found that this supplement improves brain function and reduces symptoms in people with Parkinson’s Disease

Super Prescription # 7 N-acetylcysteine (NAC) – LifeSource Products Take 500 mg three time daily. NAC increases levels of glutathione, and important antioxidant.

General Recommendations

Ginkgo Biloba – LifeSource Products Improves blood flow and has potent antioxidant properties. Take 60 to 80 mg twice daily.

Milk Thistle – LifeSource Products Allows your liver to throw off accumulated toxins and prevents damage from pharmaceutical treatment. Take 250 mg three times daily.

Green Tea – LifeSource Products Contains a rich source of antioxidants and substances that assist detoxification. Take 500 to 1,500 mg of the capsule form daily.

Recommended Foods

  • Studies have found that eating most of the day’s protein intake at dinner and keeping protein levels low earlier in the day is helpful. This type of diet should be supervised by a health care professional.
  • Raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds) are high in fiber, which will keep you regular, and contain antioxidants that fight free radical damage. Follow a diet that is composed of 50 to 75 percent raw, organic foods. If you can’t find or afford organic products, make sure to wash everything in clean, quality water before eating.
  • When you do eat protein, focus on beans, legumes, soy products, or fish (from a clean water source). Note: The consumption of beans has been found to lower the risk of Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Use cold-pressed oils in salad dressings. They’re high in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that’s important in the prevention and the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.
  • Fresh vegetable juices are excellent for their mineral content.
  • Eat live unsweetened yogurt or another cultured product every day. The “friendly” bacteria in cultured foods will help your digestive system to work smoothly.
  • Drink a glass of clean, quality water every two waking hours. Clean, quality – not tap – water will flush toxins and other impurities from your body and will also lend general support to every body system.

Foods to Avoid

  • It has been observed that a high percentage of people with Parkinson’s Disease have an over abundance of protein in their diets. Many patients who stop eating animal meats have noted an improvement in muscle control and coordination.
  • Do not eat processed or junk food, which contains high levels of chemicals and other toxins. Avoid artificial sweeteners and preservatives that are known as “excito-toxins”. These include aspartame and monosodium glutamate.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, as they can disrupt neurological function. Overeating leads to a dangerous number of free radicals in your body. It’s never a good idea to stuff yourself at mealtimes, but people with Parkinson’s should try to keep caloric intake low, while maintaining an excellent nutritional status. Following the recommendations to avoid animal meats and processed food will go a long way toward keeping your calorie count down.
  • Food allergies are a possible aggravator of Parkinson’s Disease. If you feel better after abstaining from certain foods, keep them out of your diet.

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