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Calcium - Oyster Calcium w/ Mag & Vit D 200 Tabs VALUE SIZE
Calcium - Oyster Calcium w/ Mag & Vit D 200 Tabs VALUE SIZE

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Oyster Calcium w/ Magnesium & Vit D
200 Tabs Value Size


Also Available in 100 Count

Benefits of Calcium Supplements:
  • Shown to Strengthens Bones*
  • Helps Prevent Obesity*
  • Helps Cardiac Muscles*
  • Shown to Prevent Colon Cancer*
  • Helps with Pre-Menstrual Depression*
  • Helps with Kidney Stones*
  • Healthy Alkaline pH Level*
  • Helps with Blood Pressure*
  • Helps Teeth and Gums*
  • Aids in the Transportation of Nutrients*
  • Shown to help with ADHD, relaxes the Nervous System*

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Also Available in 100 Count

Among all the benefits of calcium, the most important ones are that it aids in maintaining bone health and dental health, as well as the prevention of colon cancer and the reduction of obesity.

We need calcium from birth all the way until we reach old age. In our infant days, calcium is required for proper bone and tooth growth; during adolescence, as the bones develop, calcium is again essential to support the growth. Finally, when we get older, our bones tend to get porous and weak, thereby requiring ample calcium intake. With so many fancy diets around us, we often tend to avoid calcium-rich foods like whole food groups, including dairy products. This avoidance often results in calcium deficiency.*

Reports say that calcium deficiency conditions are continuously rising, particularly in women who are on low-calorie diets to get slim and are therefore confronted with the threat or trouble of osteoporosis. Thus, it is extremely important to consume enough calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and K2 throughout your tender and adolescence years.*

Calcium is one of the most overlooked supplements in today’s supplement market. The big myth is that it is for women - this is so far from the truth. Both men and women need Calcium and here is why: When we are born we are almost 100 Calcium enriched. When we die, nearly all of us are over 80% acidic. That means we have gone from Calcium-rich to almost totally acidic, and this acidity brings with it old age, disease, osteoporosis, internal organs damage, arthritis, wrinkles and numerous other problems associated with calcium deficiency, or high acid levels. The older we get the more calcium we need. People think by drinking milk you get you’re your calcium needs. The truth is there is not enough calcium in milk that is uploaded to your body, certainly not enough to make a difference. We all need calcium as a separate supplement, and it must contain Vitamin D & Magnesium, which aids in the transport process to the bloodstream. *

Oyster Calcium is the most efficient way to get your calcium and all of the hype about the downside of Oyster Calcium is simply not true. It is propaganda by manufacturers trying to sell other forms of Calcium. We believe in this product wholeheartedly or we would not sell it! Also, another great form of Calcium is our Coral Calcium, Calcium Citrate, and Liquid Calcium. Please look into our other Calcium’s as well.

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Calcium is needed to form bones and teeth and is also required for blood clotting, the transmission of signals in nerve cells, and muscle contraction. The importance of calcium for preventing osteoporosis is probably its most well-known role. The word osteoporosis literally means "porous bones." It occurs when bones lose an excessive amount of their protein and mineral content, particularly calcium. Over time, bone mass, and therefore bone strength, is decreased. As a result, bones become fragile and break easily. Osteoporosis is often called the "silent" disease because bone loss occurs without symptoms. People often don't know they have the disease until bone breaks, frequently in a minor fall that wouldn't normally cause a fracture. (Even a sneeze or a sudden movement may be enough to break a bone in someone with severe osteoporosis.) Breaks or fractures in the hip and spine are of special concern because they almost always require hospitalization and major surgery, and may lead to other serious consequences, including permanent disability and even death. Magnesium is needed for bone, protein, and fatty acid formation, making new cells, activating B vitamins, relaxing muscles, clotting blood, and forming ATP, the energy our bodies runs on. The secretion and action of insulin also require magnesium.*

Vitamin D's most important role in maintaining blood levels of calcium, which it accomplishes by increasing absorption of calcium from food and reducing urinary calcium loss. Both effects keep calcium in the body and therefore spare the calcium that is stored in bones. When necessary, vitamin D transfers calcium from the bone into the bloodstream, which does not benefit bones. Although the overall effect of vitamin D on the bones is complicated, some vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones and teeth. *

The FNB established RDAs for the amounts of calcium required for bone health and to maintain adequate rates of calcium retention in healthy people. They are listed in Table 1 in milligrams (mg) per day.

LifeSource Vitamins - Oyster Calcium w/Magnesium & Vitamin D is the most efficient way to get calcium, Calcium is needed to form bones and teeth and is also required for blood clotting, the transmission of signals in nerve cells, and muscle contraction.*

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