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Baxyl (Hyaluronan) - 6 fl oz Cartilage & Bone Support
Baxyl (Hyaluronan) - 6 fl oz  Cartilage & Bone Support

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Arthritis, Cartilage
& Bone Support

6 oz.


Baxyl is an effective and convenient way to:

  • Promote healthy joint mobility and lubrication*
  • Enhance the maintenance of cartilage and joint tissues*
  • Support healthy bone formation*
  • Support the maintenance of smooth skin*
  • Support tissue health and function in the lining of the stomach, intestines, and bladder.*
  • Support vertebrae and spine health*
  • Enhance ocular health*

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Hyaluronan is a naturally occurring component of many of the body's tissues and biologic fluids. Chemically speaking, it is the same molecule in all mammals and has been safely used as a supplement in people for years. There are no known contraindications, interactions, or side effects associated with Baxyl supplementation.*

The profound roles of the body's own hyaluronan in healthy joints and connective tissue function are the basis for using Baxyl. The physical properties of hyaluronan provide the hydration and moisture retention necessary to lubricate the joints and tissues, and to initiate cell proliferation and migration within the body.*

Baxyl was developed for maximum bioavailability and efficacy. It is a safe and effective oral liquid hyaluronan supplement for the support of joint health and mobility in humans. Don't just reach for any hyaluronan product on the store shelf. You deserve better! Unlike most joint supplements that use processed animal by-products; Baxyl's patent-pending formulation is microbially synthesized, and therefore 100% vegan. Baxyl is of the highest quality, and contains no ingredients from China to ensure you are receiving a safe product that is free of impurities and contaminants.

Baxyl is an effective and convenient way to:

  • Promote healthy joint mobility and lubrication*
  • Enhance the maintenance of cartilage and joint tissues*
  • Support healthy bone formation*
  • Support the maintenance of smooth skin*
  • Support tissue health and function in the lining of the stomach, intestines, and bladder.*
  • Support vertebrae and spine health*
  • Enhance ocular health*

To be compared to Baxyl®, any oral hyaluronan supplement must be bioavailable (usable by the body), absorbed, AND effective. Firstly, hyaluronan must be completely hydrated in order to be bioavailable and absorbed. Secondly, once absorbed it must have the appropriate molecular characteristics, including molecular weight, to be effective.

Baxyl has been developed as a liquid because of the very nature of hyaluronan itself. Hyaluronan is among nature's most water-loving molecules. When dry and exposed to moisture, hyaluronan slowly absorbs up to 1000 times its weight in water, creating a thick, viscous fluid. If consumed dry as a tablet, the transit time from ingestion to excretion does not provide the necessary time for hydration of this incredibly hydrophilic molecule. Research indicates that little of the high molecular weight dry forms are absorbed before excretion. While some low molecular weight dry forms may be hydrated and absorbed during ingestion and digestion, they are not effective and may actually be detrimental to joint health.


A collaboration of researchers from Kentucky, Missouri, and Ontario, Canada believe to have the answer: a new and effective dietary supplement ingredient called MHB3® Hyaluronan, a special hyaluronan biopolymer that is taken orally. Pre-clinical and clinical studies indicate MHB3® Hyaluronan is the first supplement ingredient actually proven to promote healthy cartilage and enhance joint function. The biomacromolecule hyaluronan is found throughout the body with high concentrations in synovial fluid and cartilage. With normal stress and aging, hyaluronan breaks down and deteriorates more rapidly than it can be restored. Baxyl's MHB3® Hyaluronan helps replenish the natural hyaluronan in the body which:

  • Protects Cartilage*
  • Enhances Joint Function*
  • Promotes Healthy Skin*
  • Hydrates Tissues*
  • Lubricates Joints*
  • Stabilizes Vertebrae*

Unlike other joint supplement ingredients that use processed animal by-products, MHB3® Hyaluronan is microbially synthesized and has no Chinese origins.

The most critical difference between Baxyl's MHB3® Hyaluronan and other joint products is the controlled pre-clinical and clinical testing that confirms its bioavailability, safety, and efficacy.

In a human clinical trial of Baxyl, Douglas W. Kiburz MD, FAOOS, used the biopolymer orally with 50 subjects for one month. "I spend most of my professional time helping people deal with joint health. Because every patient has different needs, systemically supporting cartilage had tremendous appeal to me and my subjects," Dr. Kiburz said. "We conducted an open label study to assess its effectiveness with people. Over 80% of study participants reported good to excellent results." The physician continued, "With observations like that, MHB3® based products will make glucosamine and other joint supplements obsolete." The clinical trial also concluded that the use of MHB3® is safe, having produced no side effects, or apparent contraindications.

Baxyl is a patented and effective way to promote healthy joint mobility and lubrication, enhance the maintenance of cartilage and joint tissues, support healthy bone formation, and support tissue health.

Principal researcher Dr. Tom Gilhooly stated that in light of the extraordinary result of this preliminary study an expanded, peer-reviewed study is merited.P. O. Box 11686 Lexington, KY 40577 Phone: (888) 521-8867 Website: www.baxyl.com Key Component of Baxyl Believed to be the First Orally Administered Hyaluronan Supplement to Protect Cartilage and Bone Researchers from Kentucky, MO, and Ontario, Canada believe MHB3 hyaluronan— the key component of the joint supplement Baxyl®—may have profound results in protecting healthy cartilage and bone, and supporting overall joint health.

MHB3 is a patent-pending, modified hyaluronan biopolymer molecularly engineered using a proprietary process that assures consistency in molecular profile, molecular weight and polydispersity. The fully hydrated MHB3 is believed to be a primary reason for Baxyl’s efficacy.

It is a tall challenge to prove that any oral supplement is bioavailable, let alone has beneficial effect.

Yet, that was the challenge taken up by researchers at the University of Western Ontario, thought leaders on cartilage and osteoarthritis research. In a preclinical investigation, Dr. Ian Welch and his fellow researchers confirmed MHB3’s support of healthy cartilage in a model of osteoarthritis. Welch concluded, “The effect of Baxyl’s proprietary MHB3 formulation in supporting healthy articular cartilage was dramatic.” I spend most of my professional time helping people deal with joint pain and inflammation by prescribing drugs, injecting joints and, in the worst cases, replacing joints entirely. Therefore, the idea of systemically supporting cartilage with Baxyl had tremendous appeal to my patients and me.

One quarter of the American adult population report chronic joint symptoms (CJS). Over 50 percent of those reporting CJS have symptoms with multiple joints. Among those reporting CJS, the joints most effected where the knee (58 percent), the shoulder (30 percent), the fingers/thumb (27 percent), the hip (24 percent) and the ankle (22 percent).

For the clinical trial CJS was defined as joint pain, aching and stiffness during the past 30 days with symptoms onset for over three months. Treatment of CJS is usually limited to short-term symptom control with palliative over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Hyaluronan, found throughout the body’s tissues and fluids, has multiple complementary mechanisms of action.

Hyaluronan directly affects the composition of synovial fluid and provides the backbone for cartilage matrix. Apart from its structural role, hyaluronan influences cell proliferation, differentiation and migration, angiogenesis, as well as inflammation and immune cell function.

The evaluation of 50 adult subjects (avg. 59 years) with CJS was conducted to identify the effects of daily oral supplementation with MHB3. Subjects selfadministered .5-1 tsp. Of the viscous syrup twice daily for 30 consecutive days. Participants completed direct feedback surveys daily helping facilitate compliance. Subjects identified the affected joints, their pain levels and daily activity levels.

Forty-two subjects (84 percent) reported good to excellent results in relief of pain and stiffness. To be included in the “good to excellent” group the subject had to report a noticeable improvement in joint symptoms with continued relief once the effect was noticed. Four subjects (eight percent) noticed only minimal benefit during the trial but within four to five days of trial termination reported an increase in pain and stiffness, concluding that improvements were gradual and unremarkable during the trial. This group is not included with the positive results reported above. Four subjects (eight percent) reported no benefits during the trial.

Time to improvement ranged from five to 30 days with an average of 21 days.

There were no reports of side effects or drug interactions, and no one discontinued the trial. Several subjects voluntarily reduced their non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) use based on improvements during the trial.

It was concluded that the daily supplementation of Baxyl with MHB3 hyaluronan relieves joint pain and inflammation contributing to an improved range of motion and an increase in daily activity among the majority of subjects with CJS.

Additionally, it was found that the use of Baxyl is safe, as there were no side effects, drug interactions or contra-indications reported.

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Suggested Use: 1 tsp orally twice daily for first 7 days followed by 1/2 tsp twice daily for maintenance.


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