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L-Glutamine 1000 Grams - 200 Servings - Powder
L-Glutamine 1000 Grams - 200 Servings - Powder

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L-Glutamine Powder
Pharmaceutical Grade
1,000 grams - 200 Servings


· Assisting Muscle Growth

· Improves Athletic Performance

· Helps with Diabetes and Blood Sugar

· Cell Hydration

· Metabolism and Growth

· Gastrointestinal Health

· Brain Function – Essential Neurotransmitter

· Reduces Craving for Sugar and Alcohol

· Helps Ulcers

· Improves IBS and Diarrhea

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Description Supplement Facts

LifeSource Vitamins L-Glutamine Powder is 100 percent pure pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine. The highest quality glutamine available today! Glutamine is the most common free-form amino acid in the body. Intense exercise dramatically increases the need for glutamine. While L-Glutamine builds, repairs, and maintains muscle tissue, it is also a major source of energy for the entire body, in particular, the brain! L-Glutamine is an essential ingredient in numerous brain functions which are vital to brain metabolism. L-Glutamine performs a major role in DNA synthesis and supports the immune system. Research shows that after intensely working out, glutamine levels in the body are reduced by as much as 50%. Since the body relies on glutamine as cellular fuel for the immune system, scientific studies have shown that glutamine supplementation can minimize the breakdown of muscle tissue and improve protein metabolism.*

  • Assisting Muscle Growth
  • Improves Athletic Performance
  • Helps with Diabetes and Blood Sugar
  • Cell Hydration
  • Metabolism and Growth
  • Gastrointestinal Health
  • Brain Function – Essential Neurotransmitter
  • Reduces Craving for Sugar and Alcohol
  • Helps Ulcers
  • Improves IBS and Diarrhea

Its effects on replenishing the body after stress or trauma have been shown in Europe where it is commonly given to patients in hospitals. Glutamine's cell volumizing effects have also been shown in several studies. No conclusive studies have been done to evaluate the effects of L-Glutamine supplementation on weight-training adults; however, a recent study showed up to a 400% increase in growth-hormone levels when as little as 2 grams of free-form L-Glutamine supplement was consumed!*

L-Glutamine may stimulate the body¹s natural hormonal responses to reduce muscle soreness. L-Glutamine may also curb cravings for sugars and alcohol, help bolster the nervous system, and aid in combating emotional imbalance and fatigue. L-Glutamine supports the natural production of growth hormone, which initiates the release of insulin growth factor (IGF-1), which can increase lean muscle mass and bone density while promoting general good health.*

Body Builders / Weight Lifters should take 10 to 15 grams per day, 5 grams at a time.

There are no side effects associated with L-Glutamine because it is a nutrient naturally occurring in the body.*

L-Glutamine is used by Doctors and Physical Therapists worldwide for healing in car accidents, burns, and all hospital-related healing as L-Glutamine aids in the bodies ability to heal itself.*

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More Info:

Glutamines functions in the body:

Glutamine is essential for several bodily functions. These include:

1. Primary source of energy for the immune system.*

2. It is converted to Glutamic acid in the brain and promotes the synthesis of GABA, an important brain neurotransmitter. Many believe that L-Glutamine enhances mental function.*

3. Maintains the structural integrity of the intestinal lining.*

4. Plays a major role in synthesizing muscle protein and cell-volumizing.*

5. Assists with blood sugar control.*

LifeSource Vitamins L-Glutamine Powder - Pharmaceutical Grade - 200 Servings. L-Glutamine has shown to help build, repair, and maintain muscle tissue; it is also a major source of energy for the entire body in-particular the brain! L-Glutamine is an essential ingredient in brain function.*

University of Maryland Medical Center stated: Glutamine deficiency:

Glutamine deficiency is common in today's busy lifestyle and is among the primary tests conducted by medical practitioners who utilize blood tests to ascertain the amino acid levels present in patients with symptoms of chronic illness, dysfunction in cognitive functioning and mood swings, making it an increasingly popular substance not just in the athletic world but in medical practice. During periods of stress, trauma or simply intensive sports training, Glutamine depletion occurs which manifests itself in the form of decreased strength, stamina, and recovery - taking anywhere up to six days to return to normal levels. Research has shown that during intense resistance training Glutamine levels can be reduced by up to 50%.


Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (a building block of protein) in the body. The body can make enough glutamine for its regular needs, but with extreme stress (the kind you would experience after very heavy exercise or an injury), your body may need more glutamine than it can make. Most glutamine is stored in muscles followed by the lungs, where much of the glutamine is made.*

Glutamine is important for removing excess ammonia (a common waste product in the body). It also helps your immune system function and appears to be needed for normal brain function and digestion.*

You can usually get enough glutamine without taking a supplement because your body makes it and you get some in your diet. Certain medical conditions, including injuries, surgery, infections, and prolonged stress, can lower glutamine levels, however. In these cases, taking a glutamine supplement may be helpful.*


Wound healing and recovery from illness

When the body is stressed (from injuries, infections, burns, trauma, or surgical procedures), it releases the hormone cortisol into the bloodstream. High levels of cortisol can lower your body’s stores of glutamine. Several studies show that adding glutamine to enteral nutrition (tube feeding) helps reduce the rate of death in trauma and critically ill people. Clinical studies have found that glutamine supplements strengthen the immune system and reduce infections (particularly infections associated with surgery). Glutamine supplements may also help in the recovery of severe burns.*

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Glutamine helps to protect the lining of the gastrointestinal tract known as the mucosa. For that reason, some have suggested that people who have inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease) may not have enough glutamine. However, 2 clinical trials found that taking glutamine supplements did not improve symptoms of Crohn’s disease. More research is needed. In the meantime, ask your doctor when deciding whether to use glutamine for IBD.*


People with HIV or AIDS often experience severe weight loss (particularly loss of muscle mass). A few studies of people with HIV and AIDS have found that taking glutamine supplements, along with other important nutrients including vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, selenium, and N-acetylcysteine may increase weight gain and help the intestines better absorb nutrients.*


Athletes who train for endurance events (like marathons) may reduce the amount of glutamine in their bodies. It’s common for them to catch a cold after an athletic event. Some experts think that maybe because of the role glutamine plays in the immune system. For this select group of athletes, one study showed that taking glutamine supplements resulted in fewer infections. The same is not true, however, for exercisers who work out at a moderate intensity.*

University of Maryland Medical Center.

Many people with cancer have low levels of glutamine. For this reason, some researchers speculate that glutamine may be helpful when added to conventional cancer treatment for some people. Supplemental glutamine is often given to malnourished cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments and is sometimes used in patients undergoing bone marrow transplants. (See Interactions below.)*

Glutamine seems to help reduce stomatitis (an inflammation of the mouth) caused by chemotherapy. Some studies, but not all, have suggested that taking glutamine orally may help reduce diarrhea associated with chemotherapy.*

More clinical research is needed to know whether glutamine is safe or effective to use as part of the treatment regimen for cancer. University of Maryland Medical Center.

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