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Flax Oil - Cold Pressed & Organic - Liquid 16 fl Oz
Flax Oil - Cold Pressed & Organic - Liquid 16 fl Oz

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Flax Oil 16 fl oz. Organic & Cold Pressed


High Lignan, Organic, & Cold Pressed

· High Cholesterol

· Natural Laxative

· Crohn’s Disease

· Colitis

· Inflamed Intestines

· Healthy Hair and Skin

· Burning Body Fat

· Menopause

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Description Supplement Facts

Omega Content Breakdown per Serving:

Omega 3: 7,650 mg

Omega 6: 2,410 mg

Omega 9: 2,120 mg

  • Contains the essential omega-6 fat linoleic acid.
  • Provides the heart-healthy omega-9 fat oleic acid.*
  • Vegetarian source of omega-3 fats.
  • Gluten-Free

Flax Oil – Cold Pressed an excellent source of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9

Flaxseed oil is an excellent source of the essential omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Since the body is unable to manufacture this important fatty acid, consuming flaxseed oil is a simple and effective way to ensure optimal intake of alpha-linolenic acid. Alpha-linolenic acid is used by the body to manufacture the omega-3 fats EPA and DHA. Omega-3 fats provide significant support for healthy cardiovascular and neurological function as well as normal, healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.* The omega-3 fats also serve as the raw material for the synthesis of compounds that help support cardiovascular and neurological function as well as a favorable inflammatory response.*

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  • The essential omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid serves as a precursor to other omega-3 fatty acids including EPA and DHA.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to support cardiovascular and neurological health, as well as healthy vision.*
  • Serving as precursors to hormone-like compounds known as eicosanoids (i.e. prostaglandins) omega-3 fats help support healthy blood pressure, blood clotting, as well as a favorable immune and inflammatory response.*
  • Flax Oil contains the essential omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid, which helps support healthy immune function and healthy skin.*
  • Our Flax Oil is also a good source of oleic acid, an omega-9 fatty acid also found in high concentrations in olive oil, and which helps support cardiovascular health.*

More Benefits of Omega 3, 6, and 9

  • Omega fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats. They are healthier than saturated fats and have many metabolic functions.
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Our bodies cannot manufacture them, and we must consume them in our diets. Our bodies need omega 9 fats, but we can manufacture them from other sources.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids prevent heart disease and the complications of a heart attack. People who take omega 3 fatty acids have a lower mortality rate after a heart attack than those who do not.*
  • Omega 3 EFA’s improve cardiac risk factors and help prevent CHD. They normalize lipid levels, lower blood pressure and improve glucose metabolism.*
  • Omega 3’s may be helpful in a number of other conditions, too. Rheumatoid arthritis, depression, autism, and many other conditions may be improved by taking omega 3 EFA’s. They are necessary for growth and development, especially in the development of nervous tissue, and may improve cognitive function and emotional health.*
  • Omega 6 fatty acids compete for enzymes with omega 3 EFA’s, so the amounts of the two need to be properly balanced. Less research has been done on omega 6 EFA’s than on omega 3’s. Most omega 6 fatty acids produce an inflammatory response that may be necessary for healthy immune system function. Research is beginning to indicate that one omega 6 EFA is, however, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and maybe even more important for healthy hearts than omega 3 oils.*
  • Omega 9, as mentioned, is not an essential fatty acid. Omega 9 oils are monounsaturated and are found in olive oil. Olive oil is known to have beneficial health effects, and omega 9 oils may be necessary for healthy immune system functioning.*

Fatty acids found in Omega 3,6, and 9

  • The Omega 3, 6 and 9 groups of fatty acids all contain essential fatty acids necessary for good health. The difference between them lies in the position of the first double bond from the methyl end or the Omega end of the carbon chain. As its name implies, the Omega 3 fatty acids have their first double bond at the 3rd position from the end of the chain, and likewise with the other two. Omega 6 has its first double bond at the 6th position from the end and Omega 9 has it at the 9th position from the end of the chain.

OMEGA 3 – An essential fatty acid

  • The most important 2 fatty acids in the Omega 3 family are EPA and DHA as these are in limited supply and only found in any real quantities in oily fish and fish oil supplements. Although DHA is important for pregnant and nursing mothers and for young children for the healthy development of the brain and vision, EPA can be considered the most important for everyone else as it is necessary for the efficient functioning of the brain and the body at a cellular level.*
  • The Omega 3's have anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant properties as well as many other important health benefits. They reduce inflammation and can provide protection against cardiovascular disease, arthritis, skin conditions, depression, and other mood-related disorders.*

OMEGA 6 – important anti-inflammatory properties

  • Although Omega 6 is generally classed as pro-inflammatory, paradoxically, GLA, when sourced dietetically, has anti-inflammatory properties. It can help the bloating and pain associated with PMS. It also maintains healthy skin, hair, and nails and generally helps to bring about hormonal and emotional balance.*
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6 interact with each other so the balance between them is crucial for good health. Together they affect the production of hormonal type messengers called eicosanoids, which has an impact on inflammation in the body and all functions at a cellular level.*

OMEGA 9 – reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke

  • Omega 9 also has many preventative qualities as its main component, Oleic acid, helps to reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Borage oil contains both Omega 6 and Omega 9 in the form of Gamma-linolenic acid and Oleic acid and is in fact, one of the best sources of GLA.*
  • Flax Fusion, therefore, contains a blend of all 3 of the important fatty acids EPA, GLA, and OA making it an excellent choice of omega 3 6 9 supplements.*

More useful facts about flax seed oil:

Surprisingly, flaxseed oil is also useful in controlling constipation. The dietary fiber content in the oil is considerable and helps to ease bowel movements. As it has been known to combat inflammation, it is useful in repairing any intestinal tract damage. It has been known to keep those gallstones at bay and sometimes dissolve existing stones.*

What are the symptoms of omega-9 fatty acid deficiency?

Eczema-like skin eruptions, bumps on the back of upper arms, cracking/peeling, fingertips, dandruff, hair loss, behavioral changes, male sterility, growth retardation, dry skin, dry eyes, miscarriage, irregular heartbeat, stiff or painful joints*

LifeSource Vitamins - Our Organic & Cold Pressed Flax Oil is a pure and clean, high dosage liquid supplement that contains essential omega-6 fat linoleic acid, provides heart-healthy omega-9 fat oleic acid, vegetarian source of omega-3 fats, gluten free

Flax Oil is a rich, balanced source of essential fatty acids. These beneficial fats play important roles in human health. This Flax Seed Oil has been specially pressed to be as close to the original oil in the seed as possible. Extreme care has been taken in bringing this product to the market in the softgel form, which hermetically seals the oil and protects it from oxidation and contamination. No preservatives, additives, bleaches or fillers are used in this oil.

The seed is analgesic, demulcent, emollient, laxative, pectoral, and resolvent. The crushed seed makes a very useful poultice in the treatment of ulceration, abscesses, and deep-seated inflammations. An infusion of the seed contains a good deal of mucilage and is a valuable domestic remedy for coughs, colds, and inflammation of the urinary organs. If the seed is bruised and then eaten straight away, it will swell considerably in the digestive tract and stimulate peristalsis and so is used in the treatment of chronic constipation.*

Lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease, and control high blood pressure. Several studies indicate that flaxseed oil, as well as ground flax seeds, can lower cholesterol, thereby significantly reducing the risk of heart disease. Taking flaxseed oil may also protect against angina (chest pain) and high blood pressure. In addition, a five-year study done recently at Boston's Simmons College found that flaxseed oil may be useful in preventing a second heart attack. It may also help prevent elevated blood pressure by inhibiting inflammatory reactions that cause artery-hardening plaque and poor circulation.*

Counter inflammation associated with gout, lupus, and fibrocystic breasts. Omega-3 fatty acids appear to limit the inflammatory reaction associated with these conditions. In cases of lupus, flaxseed oil not only reduces inflammation in the joints, skin, and kidneys but also lowers cholesterol levels that may be elevated by the disease. Taking flaxseed oil for gout may lessen the often sudden and severe joint pain or swelling that is a symptom of this condition. In addition, the ability of omega-3 fatty acids to boost the absorption of iodine--a mineral often found in low levels in women suffering from fibrocystic breasts--makes flaxseed oil potentially valuable for treating this often painful condition.*

Control constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis disorders, and gallstones. Because they are high in dietary fiber, ground flax seeds can help ease the passage of stools and thus relieve constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis disease. In those with diverticulitis disease, flax seeds may also keep intestinal pouches free of waste and thus keep potential infection at bay. Taken for inflammatory bowel disease, flax seed oil can help to calm inflammation and repair any intestinal tract damage. In addition, the oil may prevent painful gallstones from developing and even dissolve existing stones.*

Treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, and rosacea. The essential fatty acids in flax seed oil are largely responsible for its skin-healing powers. Red, itchy patches of eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea often respond to the EFA's anti-inflammatory actions and overall skin-soothing properties. Sunburned skin may heal faster when treated with the oil as well. In cases of acne, the EFAs encourage thinning of the oily sebum that clogs pores.*

Promote healthy hair and nails. The abundant omega-3 fatty acids in flax seed oil have been shown to contribute to healthy hair growth (in fact, low levels of these acids may cause dry and lackluster locks). Hair problems exacerbated by psoriasis or eczema of the scalp may respond to the skin-revitalizing and anti-inflammatory actions of flax seed oil as well. Similarly, the oil's EFAs work to nourish dry or brittle nails, stopping them from cracking or splitting.*

Minimize nerve damage that causes numbness and tingling as well as other disorders. The EFAs in flax seed oil assist in the transmission of nerve impulses, making the oil potentially valuable in treating conditions of numbness and tingling. The oil's nerve-nourishing actions may also help in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, a degenerative disorder of the nervous system, and protect against the nerve damage associated with diabetes and multiple sclerosis.*

Reduce cancer risk and guard against the effects of aging. The lignans in flax seed oil appear to play a role in protecting against breast, colon, prostate, and perhaps skin cancer. Although further studies are needed, research undertaken at the University of Toronto indicates that women with breast cancer, regardless of the degree of cancer evasiveness, may benefit from treatment with flax seed oil. Interestingly, the oil's lignans may protect against various effects of aging as well.*

Treat menopausal symptoms, menstrual cramps, female infertility, and endometriosis. Because the hormone-balancing lignans and plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) in flax seed oil help stabilize a woman's estrogen-progesterone ratio, they can have beneficial effects on the menstrual cycle, and relieve the hot flashes of perimenopause and menopause. Flaxseed oil may also improve uterine function and thus treat fertility problems. In addition, the essential fatty acids in flax seed oil have been shown to block production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that, when released in excess amounts during menstruation, can cause the heavy bleeding associated with endometriosis.*

Fight prostate problems, male infertility, and impotence. The EFAs in flax seed oil may help to prevent swelling and inflammation of the prostate, the small gland located below the bladder in males that tends to enlarge with age. Symptoms of such enlargements, such as urgency to urinate, may lessen as a result. The EFAs also play a role in keeping sperm healthy, which may be of value in treating male infertility, and they can improve blood flow to the penis, a boon for those suffering from impotence. *

LifeSource Vitamins - Flax Oil is a rich, balanced source of essential fatty acids. These beneficial fats play important roles in human health. This Flax Seed Oil has been specially pressed to be as close to the original oil in the seed as possible.*

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