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Yes, Eggs Are Good For You! - Article
Yes, Eggs Are Good For You! - Article

Yes, Eggs Are Good For You! - Article
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Yes, Eggs Are Good For You!

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Egg calories are only a minor benefit that you can gain from one egg. There are many benefits, and all of them are known to promote better health:

1. Eggs can improve the condition of the eyes. Besides egg calories, this dairy product contains special types of carotenoids, namely, zexanthin and lutein. Both of them are known to reduce the possibility of developing cataracts and can stop the degeneration of the nerves in the eyes. If you find yourself spending most of your time in front of your PC, you can strengthen your vision by increasing your egg calories.

2. They can improve the development of the brain. The egg yolk, which may have higher level of cholesterol than the white, contains choline, which regulates the condition of the brain. It also encourages better function of the cardiovascular and the nervous system. In fact, eggs can lower down the possibility of acquiring heart disease or suffering from stroke and heart attack.

3. Eggs are high in protein.
Egg calories provide the energy that you need, but the proteins, which you can also find in eggs, will be the building blocks for stronger muscles, growth, and regeneration of the cells. The amino acids, on the other hand, allow the vital organs of your body to produce the right amount of enzyme, which can digest the food and convert them to glucose. This type of sugar is then delivered into the bloodstream to be used as fuel.

4. Egg calories can make your hair longer and shinier. A special type of protein for the hair and the nails is keratin. Moreover, you have to have high level of sulfur in order to grow your hair faster. Aside from egg calories, eggs have that mineral. Thus, older women or men who are going bald are encouraged to include egg calories into their diets.

5. Eggs contain the right kind of fat. Unknown to many, there are actually two kinds of fat. The good one is called the unsaturated fat, while the other one is the saturated fat. Eggs do contain fat - in fact, both of them. Nevertheless, the unsaturated fat dominates the other. Thus, the kind of fat you will gain from egg calories is good for the heart and doesn't add up to your cholesterol level.

Hopefully, with these egg nutrition facts, you are going to look at egg calories in a different light.


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