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Pre Workout Powder Ultra - Strawberry 1.1lbs
Pre Workout Powder Ultra - Strawberry 1.1lbs

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Ultra Pre Workout Powder 1.1lbs

Strawberry Punch - 1.1 lbs

On Sale: $29.99
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  • We have created this product so athletes can use this worldwide and pass all regulatory testing no matter what sport they are in. Amazing Pumps!
  • Creates More Strength and results in the Weight Room.
  • Our Dual Creatine forms get delivered to where it is needed most for total muscle cell impact IE; Muscle Gain!*
  • Loaded with 4,500mg of Pure & Potent BCAA’s
  • No Fillers like Maltodextrin
  • Contains our All Natural Energy Blend, Green Tea Extract w/ Taurine. No Jitters, Just Smooth Energy that is Healthy / Easy for the Body. No Caffeine Anhydrous.
  • Contains L-Citrulline Malate for maximum Muscle Recovery*
  • L-Arginine - Alpha-ketoglutarate - AAKG

Read Below: Full Description, Clinical Studies & Research on Pre Workout.

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On Sale: $29.99

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Great Tasting Strawberry Flavor!

Dual Creatines / L-Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) / Nitric Oxide

Beta Alanine / BCAA’s / L-Citrulline Malate / L-Glutamine

and our All Natural Energy Blend with Green Tea & Taurine

Muscle Building - Strength Enhancing - Stamina - Maximizing Athletic Performance & Recovery

Intensity - Energy - Focus - Power - Recovery

Our Proprietary Formulated Ultra Pre Workout formula is redesigned and ready to go to work for you . During the creation of this product, we took our original groundbreaking pre-workout out powder and started from there. We started evaluating studies of what ingredients worked with regard to building lean muscle mass, which nutrients work well with others, which nutrients don't work in synergy with others and created this new amazing product. LifeSource’s Pre Workout / Combat Fuel is a Multi Creatine Complex with Beta Alanine, L-Arginine/AAKG (for Nitric-Oxide production), L-Glutamine, as well as a full array of BCAA’s, L-Citrulline Malate, L-Carnitine and numerous other synergistic ingredients that will provide maximum results for all athletes. We also have included an All Natural Energy Blend, with No Caffeine added in the formula. This results-driven has been a long time in the making. This is a game changer for athletes around the world. *

Our Pre Workout powder is what I feel to be game changer of a pre-workout powder. There are no added ingredients to make our label look better, just ingredients that help your body grow & perform at its highest level. No Hype, No Fillers! We have crafted this with careful study, trials and testing to make sure it is what I would want for myself, my family, you and your family, it is that simple. Ultra Pre Workout, just clean and potent nutrients with long term health in mind.

Bruce Brightman - Founder - LifeSource Vitamins

  • We have created this product so athletes can use this worldwide and pass all regulatory testing no matter what sport they are in.
  • Creates More Strength and results in the Weight Room - Amazing Pumps!*
  • Our Dual Creatine forms get delivered to where it is needed most for total muscle cell impact IE; Muscle Gain!*
  • Loaded with 4,500mg of Pure & Potent BCAA’s
  • No Fillers like Maltodextrin
  • Contains our All Natural Energy Blend, Green Tea Extract w/ Taurine. No Jitters, Just Smooth Energy that is Healthy / Easy for the Body. No Caffeine Anhydrous.
  • Contains L-Citrulline Malate for maximum Muscle Recovery*
  • L-Arginine - Alpha-ketoglutarate - AAKG
  • Nitric Oxide Production, Creating Muscle Fullness, Pumps and Vascularity.*
  • There is no cycling that needs to be done, you can take this all year long.
  • Tastes great and NO SUCRALOSE. We Only Use All Natural STEVIA & ERYTHRITOL.
  • No FD & C Red #40 Dye or any other Dye of any kind!

LifeSource Vitamins Ultra Pre Workout shown to increase creatine status by enhancing uptake and bioavailability while promoting stamina, strength and without question building lean muscle growth. Our Ultra Pre Workout has been tested by our athletes for bioavailability and has been shown worthy of professionals worldwide. Our Ultra Pre Workout Formula is used by athletes who engage in any physical training including high intensity/short duration exercises like weightlifting, track, and field training, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, P90X / Insanity type courses and basically any type of exercise program. *

Ultra Pre Workout / Combat Fuel

  • Nitric Oxide Production, Muscle Fullness, Pumps, and Vascularity*
  • Muscular Endurance, Strength, and Resistance to Muscular Fatigue*
  • Muscle Fiber Growth*
  • Explosive Power*
  • Prolonged Muscle Pumps*
  • Mental Alertness and Focus*
  • Anaerobic Working Capacity of Muscle Tissue*
  • Oxygen Delivery to Muscle Tissue*
  • Fat-Burning Processes are enhanced*
  • Promotion of Electrolyte and Fluid Balance*
  • Buffering an Acid Environment with Your Muscles*

So what we have done is created a power-packed & well rounded multi creatine complex to ensure all bodies will upload our creatine complex in one format or another which is critical for building a stronger & more fit body. Ultra Pre Workout also has AAKG, which promotes increased nitric oxide production and enhances blood flow, which in turn leads to better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscle.

Why More Than One Creatine in Ultra Pre Workout?

We have studied Creatine and simply feel that certain bodies upload Creatines at different efficiencies and some bodies have very poor uploading altogether with certain forms of Creatine as is the case with almost all nutrients. So we have a Dual Creatine Complex in our Pre-Workout -
Ultra Pre Workout to make sure your body gets the creatine uploaded to your body for maximum results. *

Why Did You Add AAKG – L-Arginine?

AAKG is for Nitric-Oxide production and without doubt delivers many advantages: It fights free radicals; helps sharpen the mind-muscle connection; supports the release of growth hormone; helps raise healthy cholesterol levels; and enhances fat metabolism, while also regulating the salt levels in the body.

Almost 1/3 of muscle tissue is composed of BCAA which are needed for muscle growth, the maintenance of muscle tissue and to preserve muscle stores of glycogen. BCAA's can turn on the main muscle growth pathway in muscle tissue which can increase protein synthesis and help prevent muscle tissue breakdown after strenuous exercise.

Amino acids play a vital role in muscle growth and recuperation, weight management and many other important bodily functions.


· Improves Protein Synthesis*

· Improves Nitrogen Retention*

· Speeds Muscle Recovery*

· Boosts Muscle Growth*

· Reduces Muscle Fatigue*

· Helps Preserve Lean Muscle*

Ultra Pre Workout / Combat Fuels's Energy Blend – ALL Natural – Why is Not Having Synthetic Caffeine Important?

Energy can be attained in two ways, synthetically and naturally. You can get your heart beating much faster by using synthetic means; we just cannot do that at this company. We want safe long term results. Our studies and studies worldwide show that when you take this synthetic caffeine form bad things can happen. So our energy blend is All Natural & Safe! Here is some of what using all natural vs synthetic will do for your body:

· Improves metabolism*

· Enhances sports performance*

· Helps other nutrients to work more efficiently*

· Improves mental clarity • Supports immune function*

· Recharges the body’s adrenal glands and builds long-term energy*

· No rebound fatigue or energy crash later*

· Helps balance pH • Helps remove toxins*

· Supports mineral powered reactions throughout the body*

Our Ultra Pre Workout / Combat Fuel does not contain synthetic caffeine, which is used in the majority of pre workout formulas & energy drinks, etc. However, there is some naturally occurring caffeine which is derived in our green tea and is much safer in our opinion. These ingredients also contain a number of other benefits that are associated with the whole plants.

Why Did You Add L-Citrulline and What Does L-Citrulline Actually Do?

Ultra Pre Workout added this compound as it helps athletes working to improve sports performance and recover quickly after intense exercise.*

- Citrulline is effective in promoting nitric oxide (NO) production and supports the production of growth hormone, insulin and creatine.*

- Lactic acid and ammonia are manufactured by the body in response to intense exertion and hamper overall exercise performance.

- Citrulline works by eliminating endotoxins to prevent lactic acid and ammonia buildup through its function as an intermediary in the Urea Cycle (Citrulline speeds up their removal from working muscles, aiding both physical performance and recovery.*

- Citrulline malate is useful to those engaged in high-intensity resistance and endurance exercises, including strength athletes, power lifters, strongman competitors, bodybuilders, runners, sprinters and cyclists. A study this year found participants who ingested the supplement gained 52 percent in their bench press ability.*

Results Are All That Matter for us at LifeSource Vitamins.

As always, with any and all pre-workout powders drink plenty of water throughout your day and workouts. It is just good health to drink lots of water each and every day!

*** A loading phase is not required or recommended with this product. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Consult a physician prior to use if you have any medical conditions. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Diabetics, hypoglycemics, and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs should always consult with a licensed physician and/or pharmacist prior to taking dietary supplements.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Interesting facts:

Natural vs. Man-made Caffeine

The caffeine found in coffee and pharmaceutical drugs can cause mild physical dependence and has some mild symptoms.

The naturally occurring caffeine found in several herbs is known as bio-caffeine. Bio means "alive" or "living." Herbs with bio-caffeine attributes, one of them is what we use: Green Tea Leaf Powder & Taurine.

Bio-caffeine is the healthier option because it is naturally occurring and consists of lower levels of caffeine, making it non-addictive.

The stimulants found in herbal teas come from other chemicals than caffeine. These other stimulants are naturally occurring in herbs and have a similar reaction to the body as caffeine does. However, these do not cause physical dependence or addiction.

Herbs containing bio-caffeine contain 20 mg or less of caffeine. This caffeine is found in plants and is active, meaning it is not harmful and will not cause addiction. They are balanced and stable, unlike drugs.

Consider the following:

· Brewed Coffee (8 ounces), 60-120 mg caffeine

· Double Expresso (2 ounces), 45-100 mg caffeine

· Ben & Jerry's Coffee Fudge Frozen Yogurt (8 ounces), 85 mg caffeine

· Instant Coffee (8 ounces), 70 mg caffeine

· Black Tea (8 ounces) 45 mg caffeine

· Pepsi Cola (12 ounce can), 38 mg caffeine

· Coca Cola (12 ounce can), 34 mg caffeine

Lastly, Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar (1.45 ounces), 31 mg caffeine

Healthy Strategies

If the product is a natural plant source and contains caffeine there is nothing to worry about. Herbs are organic products that are easily recognizable by the human body. They will not cause harm to your body.

Caffeine is found naturally in over 60 species of plants, but only a few of these sources are sold as natural sources of caffeine in this industry: green tea is one of them. Since it is difficult to prove when these products are fortified with synthetic caffeine, some manufacturers have been able to get away with
passing off a cheaper product for a more expensive one (products containing 100% naturally-occurring caffeine are more expensive to produce).

There is no chemical difference between natural and synthetic caffeine, so the Standard HPLC assay for caffeine only verifies the total caffeine content of the product, not its origin. LifeSource Vitamins only uses Green Tea in our Combat Fuel.

What is Caffeine Anhydrous Powder, and why is it used in so many Pre Workout Powders?

Unlike most other psychoactive substances, caffeine is legal and unregulated in nearly all jurisdictions. Caffeine anhydrous is classified by the United States Food and Drug Administration as a multipurpose additive or food additive generally safe for food and consumption. Food and beverage manufacturers are mandated by law to list caffeine on labels only when caffeine has been added to a product. Caffeine that occurs naturally in ingredients is not required to be listed.

Potential Side Effects of Caffeine Anhydrous Powder:

When taken in small amounts, the immediate effects of caffeine use include feeling more alert, increased metabolism, increased urination, increased body temperature and increased production of acid in the digestive system. How caffeine affects an individual depends on several factors, including how much is used, height and weight, general health, mood, tolerance and whether caffeine is used on its own, with food or with other drugs. Side effects may be experienced with consumption of even small servings of caffeine in those who are very sensitive or in individuals who are not accustomed to using caffeine.

Caffeine causes the heart rate to increase, pupils to dilate and muscles to tighten up by stimulating the increased release of adrenalin.

Too much caffeine causes an array of problems including restlessness, irritability, anxiety, heartburn, headaches, high blood pressure, sleeplessness, rapid heartbeat, and nausea. As with any substance, there can be numerous other contributing factors.

Exercise caution with the handling, weighing, and consumption of this product. Drink Lots of Water!!!

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Don’t forget your Blender Bottle Shaker!

Need A Lift or A Jolt? Natural vs. Synthetic Caffeine?

There's no shortage of confusing information about whether or not caffeine is actually good for you. Recent studies have linked coffee consumption with a number of benefits like lower prostate risk for men and decreased risk of depression for women. Camellia sinensis—the tea plant—has also been proven effective in a number of health-giving properties including the presence of powerful antioxidants known to prevent cancer. And naturally occurring caffeine actually has its own exclusive antioxidant benefits (in addition to the ones found in coffee or tea), which may help to prevent heart disease and Alzheimer's. But what about the caffeine added to energy drinks, juices, chocolates and sodas? How does that affect our bodies?

Although we typically think of coffee or tea in relation to caffeine, there are only around 60 known types of plants that contain naturally occurring caffeine versus the hundreds—if not thousands—of those manufactured products that contain the synthetic kind. Synthetic caffeine, like those found in most sodas and energy drinks, are produced in laboratories and manufactured in factories, which provide a much more potent caffeine isolate than what's found naturally occurring in the plant kingdom. Synthetic caffeine is made by a chemical synthesis of urea as the raw material and can also be exposed to a number of harsh chemicals including: methylene chloride, ethyl acetate and carbon dioxide.

Synthetic caffeine will absorb through the digestive system much faster than the naturally occurring plant caffeine. This means a quicker spike, and of course, a quicker crash—unlike the naturally occurring caffeine in plants such as yerba mate, a leafy green shrub that grows throughout South America and provides a balanced caffeine 'lift' (largely due to also present high level of naturally occurring vitamins that prevent the caffeine crash). Even coffee and black tea will provide a more sustained energy from the naturally occurring caffeine than the artificial stuff found in soda.

While many people drink coffee daily without experiencing negative side effects such as difficulty sleeping, nervousness, heart palpitations or nausea, the opposite may be true when consuming synthetics that do not have the balancing effects of the entire botanical to help regulate the body's reaction to the energizing properties of caffeine.

When shopping for caffeinated beverages, here's a useful tip: If you see the word "caffeine" on the ingredient list, that means it's synthetic. If natural plants containing caffeine are added, you will see the actual name of the botanical, such as guarana or green tea.

By: Jill Ettinger

A study of university students found drinking one 250ml can of the sugar-free version of the energy drink that 'gives you wings' increased the 'stickiness' of the blood and raised the risk of life-threatening clots.

Researcher Dr Scott Willoughby said: 'One hour after they drank Red Bull, (their blood systems) were no longer normal.

LifeSource Vitamins Pre-Workout Combat Fuel is a Multi Creatine Complex with L-Arginine/AAKG (for Nitric-Oxide production) as well as a full array of BCAA’s, L-Citrulline, L-Carnitine and numerous other synergistic ingredients.

Kids should never drink energy drinks…

Every LifeSource Vitamins product exceeds the standards and requirements set forth in the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulation (21 CFR, 111) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).

Proudly Made in the USA, with ALL USA Ingredients!


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or Call Us: 800.567.8122

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Have Questions? It can be overwhelming we know. Call us, we will walk you through what supplements will help you and which ones you really don’t need. It’s what we do!

LifeSource Vitamins: Since 1992

*Disclaimer: None of the above statements have been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As always, consult your physician before taking any and all supplements. LifeSource Vitamins. Individual results may vary.

Disclaimer: All the information contained throughout this website is based upon the opinion of the founder of LifeSource Vitamins, Bruce Brightman, and the entire team at LifeSource Vitamins whose relentless research and studies have been ongoing on since 1992. Other articles and information are based on the opinions of the authors, who retains the copyright as marked on the article. The information on this site is not intended to replace your health care professional, but to enhance your relationship with them. Doing your own studying and research and taking your health care into your own hands is always best, especially in partnership with your health care professional. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have any medical conditions, always consult your health care professional before taking supplements based on the information on this site.

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Ultra Pre-Workout October 29, 2018
Reviewer: DM Forker from Stuart, NE United States  
This product does exactly what the label states.  It gives me the boost and pump that I need during my workout.  I'm 45 and need all the boost that I can get and this pre workout provides that.

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