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Kids Multivitamin Gummies - 90 Gummies
Kids Multivitamin Gummies - 90 Gummies

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Kids Multivitamin Gummies
90 Gummies – 45 Day Supply

In the first five years of life, your child’s brain develops more and faster than at any other time in their lives. Your child’s early experiences - their relationships and the things they see, hear, touch, smell, and taste stimulate their brain, creating millions of connections. This is when the foundations for learning, health, and behavior throughout life are formulated.

  • Vitamin A: Healthy Eye Functioning and Immune System. More than one and a half cups of Broccoli*
  • Vitamin C: Helps Support Immune System. More than 2 Tangerines*
  • Vitamin D: Supports Healthier Bones, Teeth, Muscle and Immune Support*
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant and Essential Nutrient, Heart and Immune Health*
  • All the B Vitamins: Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid to help convert the food we eat into Cellular Energy*
  • Iodine: An Essential Mineral for Thyroid Gland to Function Properly and for Normal Physical Growth and Brain development
  • Zinc: Immune Support - Zinc Deficiency in children can lead to growth impediments and increased risk of infection
  • All-Natural Fruit Flavors: No Synthetics!
  • Colors are derived from the fruit we use: No Synthetic Dyes!
  • Gluten Free
  • No Yeast
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Sweeteners

Read Below: Full Description, Clinical Studies & Research on Kids Multis.

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LifeSource Vitamins All-Natural Kids Gummies Contain All the Essential Vitamins and Minerals for your kids growing brains and bodies:

Kids’ bodies know how to grow, their brains know how to learn, and it is our job as parents to feed them nutrients to help these processes. But if they won’t take anything but a Gummy, we can help.

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During this time of your child's life, their brain is setting the foundation for all mental capacities for life, their health is formulating whether they will be a healthy child as well as all of their bodily functions are growing & processing to ensure efficiencies for the rest of their lives. No time is more critical to help with their nutritional intake than this time as kids can be picky eaters and not get what they truly need to grow and be healthy and reach their full potential.*

Children need a sound nutritional basis upon which to grow and develop, so it's important to ensure that they eat a balanced diet. Of course, many children do not eat the right foods, opting instead for fast foods and foods containing more sugar than nutritional value. In order to ensure that your children get all the nutrients needed, you may choose to give them a daily vitamin. However, the last thing you want in that vitamin is a bunch of sugar. So what is a parent to do? Try LifeSource Vitamins Gummies for your kids, which is a multivitamin formulated specifically, to ensure that children receive the nutrients they need to properly support their bodies during their years of growth and development.*

Fact: It is definitely not surprising that most (90% or more) of Americans do not meet their recommended daily intake of vitamins due to their diets, and kids have even a bigger challenge, but here is the really surprising part, even the individuals who eat their suggested/recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables still, do not receive their proper daily intake of vitamins and minerals that are needed for our bodies to operate efficiently. How is this? Our modern processing, mass production and the way we cook or our food gets cooked for us have been found to be far less nutritious than in years past. To put this into perspective, it takes several more cups of fruits and vegetables today to equal one cup of that same fruit or veggie from just 50 years ago.*

Fact: Why do we need Multivitamins? There are numerous carefully controlled health and food studies have shown that by the time the food makes it to our tables we have lost sometimes as much as 50% of the nutrients of the particular foods we are eating. yes, 50%!

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Daily Supplements of multivitamins and minerals may improve your child’s brain function.

There have been twelve good trials testing the effects of vitamin and mineral supplements on mental performance. Ten out of twelve have shown an increase in IQ. What is not yet clear is what exactly is the optimum level of vitamins and minerals to supplement, although there is a tendency for the higher amounts to produce more significant effects.

Vitamin D has been studied and is showing to affect brain functioning.

Vitamins and minerals are the intelligent nutrients that keep the brain in tune. They are key to building and rebuilding the brain. They mainly come from fruit, vegetables, and whole foods and can be supplemented for optimum brain performance. Studies giving children supplements show improved IQ. See more at http://www.foodforthebrain.org/smart-kids/how-to-build-a-healthy-brain.aspx

A Daily Multivitamin Supplement can Boost Brain Function, UK Researchers Say: by Owen Fertel

Did you know that a simple multivitamin supplement, taken daily, can boost your brain’s ability to function? That’s exactly what teams of British neuroscientists are saying in a new series of studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition, Psychopharmacology, and Human Psychopharmacology. Their main focus in these studies was to investigate what effects multivitamin supplements have on mood and brain function. Here’s what they found.

After monitoring the mood and brain function of several groups of healthy men, women, and children who had taken store bought vitamin supplements for a 4-12 week period, the researchers found that the vitamin supplements boosted their brain functioning after just a few weeks of taking their vitamins. All groups – men, women, and children – had more mental energy, alertness, and accuracy in the challenges given to them. Taking large doses of B-complex vitamins increased these effects, particularly in men. Supplementing subjects with Omega 3s in 1-2g amounts, while not directly affecting their brain function, did increase cerebral blood flow while they were participating in cognitive tests. Professor David Kennedy of the Brain, Performance, and Nutrition Research Center at Northumbria University and one of the co-authors of the study, said that this suggests dietary DHA (an Omega 3 fat) influences brain function in physiological terms.* This fact has big implications for aging healthily, as well as for dementia.

These effects are the result of subjects having Optimal levels of the vitamins in their systems. Optimal, Dr. Kennedy goes on to say, is way above the level required to avoid deficiency and disease. Think of it in terms of grades – If you’ve gotten to required levels of a vitamin, you are getting C’s. You pass, but no one gives you an award. If you’ve reached optimal levels, then you are getting an A. To get you’re A’s, Dr. Kennedy recommends a multivitamin, as many people are deficient in several vitamin groups. A good multivitamin should cover your bases and patch up whatever you may be deficient in.

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In the first five years of life, your child’s brain develops more and faster than at any other time in their lives. Your child’s early experiences - their relationships and the things they see, hear, touch, smell, and taste stimulate their brain, creating millions of connections. This is when the foundations for learning, health, and behavior throughout life are formulated.

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Kids Love 'Em !!! June 14, 2019
Reviewer: Christine C Cosmez from Port Angeles, WA United States  
I purchased these vitamins for all 5 of our grandchildren who have been sick much too often. They love the gummies - and take them daily! As a result, they are much healthier.

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Great June 20, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from LANETT, AL United States  
My children love these vitamins.  They are tasty and easy to take.  They have the essential vitamins and minerals, but not as many as the hard multi vitamin (with minerals, fruits and veggies) that Lifesource makes for children.  So we alternate between these and the hard ones.  I wish there was a gummie version of the children's vitamins that has the fruits and veggies and minerals.  However, the combination of these gummies and the hard chewable vitamins works for us.

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