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Kids & Teens Ear Clear Oil - 1 fl. oz.
Kids & Teens Ear Clear Oil - 1 fl. oz.

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Kids & Teens Ear Clear
1 Fluid Ounce


  • For Acute and Chronic Ear Infections
  • Gently Drop Oil into Ear to Reduce Pain and Discomfort due to Infection
  • Removes Extra Fluid Buildup
  • Can Provide Temporary Relief to Ear Infections Due to Food Allergies
  • Contains: Mullein Flower, Coptis Root, Garlic Bulb (Organic), Arnica Flower.

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Kids & Teens Ear Clear Oil is indicated for acute and chronic ear infections. It is a topical remedy where the oil is gently dropped into the ear. It is a topical analgesic (Mullein and Arnica) as it helps to reduce pain and discomfort from swelling due to an infection.

It will increase circulation (Arnica) to this congested area in order to help increase the body’s ability to help heal the area and remove extra fluid buildup. This is needed in order to decrease the pain from an ear infection. Arnica works by increasing circulation to ischemic tissue and is great for sub-acute congestion in tissue with topical contact.

At the same time, Kid’s Ear Clear Oil is strongly antibacterial and helps kill bacteria on contact (Coptis, Garlic). Coptis is a Goldenseal substitute as it contains even greater amounts of the alkaloid berberine and is a famous Chinese herb. Success is best with concurrent use of an oral antimicrobial like Oregano Oil, Echinacea Goldenseal, or Kid’s Biotic and a decongesting herbal formula like Respir-Ease/Respiratory Complex.

Ear infections are commonly a symptom of another problem. Food allergies (especially dairy, soy, wheat) are a common cause and the causative factor must be removed to sustain relief over time. Kid’s Ear Clear Oil can help in the short term and can even be used safely long term, but removing the causative factor is essential. If air born, allergies create the congestion, then add Sinus Relief or Respir-Ease/Respiratory Complex. The Kid’s Ear Clear Oil might break up the wax build-up by applying the oil in the ear. This is best done at night to have prolonged contact.

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