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Heart & Vascular Support - 90 Caps - Proprietary Formula
Heart & Vascular Support - 90 Caps - Proprietary Formula

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Heart / Vascular Support
Proprietary Formula

90 Capsules


  • Maintains existing normal cholesterol levels*
  • Promotes normal triglyceride levels*
  • Supports a healthy circulatory system*
  • Helps prevent LDL oxidation*
  • Promotes healthy homocysteine levels*
  • Helps maintain normal cardiac function*

LifeSource Heart and Vascular Support is for those who desire to improve all aspects of a healthy cardiovascular function. Heart and Vascular Support is designed to help with cholesterol health, vascular strength, homocysteine maintenance, and cardiac function.*

Read Below: Full Description, Clinical Studies & Research on Heart and Vascular Support.

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Excessive free radical oxidation activity causes the onset and progression of such diseases like ischemic heart disease (IHD), essential hypertension, arrhythmia (cardiopalmus), etc. Excessively accumulated free radicals provoke peroxide modification of lipoproteins in the blood serum. As a result, they become more vulnerable to atherogenesis and the destruction of vascular walls may occur.*

Consequently, these vascular walls become easily penetrated with lipids and various ions. Also, there is an increase in vascular tone (arterial hypertension), the formation of atherosclerosis, and changes in structure and electric properties of myocardial cell walls (imbalance of their excitability, conductivity and contractility).*

** Mandatory for anyone who has heart problems in their family tree, or anyone concerned of keeping their heart in tip-top shape.*

LifeSource's Heart and Vascular Support is augmented with vitamins and phytochemical-rich herbs to help maintain a healthy heart. Heart and Vascular Support contains a proprietary blend of nutrients and novel ingredients to promote cardiovascular health, circulatory function, and normal lipid levels.*

Primary Benefits can be:

  • Maintains existing normal cholesterol levels*
  • Promotes normal triglyceride levels*
  • Supports a healthy circulatory system*
  • Helps prevent LDL oxidation*
  • Promotes healthy homocysteine levels*
  • Helps maintain normal cardiac function*

LifeSource Heart and Vascular Support is for those who desire to improve all aspects of healthy cardiovascular function. Heart and Vascular Support is designed to help with cholesterol health, vascular strength, homocysteine maintenance, and cardiac function.*

49 patients who are still undergoing IV Calcium EDTA Chelation received a special supplement protocol that included HOMOTOXICOLOGY Remedies and were studied after 9 months of the protocol in place. Post provocation Urine tests were obtained from Doctors Data in Chicago. The results are demonstrating that:

  • Both Mercury and Lead are excreted concurrently using this protocol, without the need for another Chelation agent;
  • the IV part of the protocol can be administered in as little as one minute but the patients in this study had administration rates of 30 minutes;
  • Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Nickel are the metals most commonly released from the body;
  • Lead and Mercury levels progressively decrease with each progressive Chelation without signs of deeper storage that is released with later Chelation;
  • Arsenic excretion increases after the first ten treatments and then starts to progressively decrease.
  • Cadmium levels continue to increase after the other metals are no longer present and seem to represent the most deeply stored of the 5 most common metals.
  • Nickel levels remain at steady levels through the first two rounds and increase into the third round as the other levels are eliminated;
  • At least one patient (the author) received significantly increased detoxification with the newer protocol being described than the older, longer, seemingly less effective style of Chelation.

LifeSource Vitamins - Heart and Vascular Support is loaded with phytochemically-rich herbs shown to help maintain a healthy heart. Heart and Vascular Support contains a proprietary blend of nutrients and ingredients to promote cardiovascular health.*

Intravenous EDTA Chelation Therapy for the detoxification of Heavy Metals has been in continuous use since the 1940s when it was introduced specifically for the treatment of Lead poisoning. It was very quickly observed that, as the metals were eliminated, that not only did the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning abate, but also problems related to the circulatory system, such as heart attacks, angina, strokes, and peripheral vascular disease also improved.*

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When it was also shown that not only was lead eliminated with EDTA Chelation, but many other metals (both necessary and toxic) were eliminated as well, It was initially thought that the Chelation of Calcium somehow leached Calcium out of Atherosclerotic plaques, opening up arteries, and this is why circulation improved. THIS HAS SINCE BEEN PROVEN TO BE A FALSE ASSUMPTION.

It is currently thought that IV EDTA Chelation has its effects on circulation by simply removing Heavy Metals from the Endothelial Cells that line the arteries, and this then allows the increased production of Nitric Oxide (NO), which acts as The Endothelial Relaxing Factor that it is also called, which ultimately improves circulation by relaxing the vessels and improving the circulation by decreasing resistance to flow, even though the plaques are still present. This increased flow improves the delivery of Oxygen and other nutrients to the tissue that the vessel supplies.*

In 1999, Dr. Valentin Fuster, M.D. published a Book called The Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque. Dr. Fuster was at the time the President of The American Heart Association, and also was and still is the Chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. This book shows that heart attacks do not occur in areas of maximal plaque buildup where calcium has hardened large deposits of cholesterol, but in fact occur in fresh, "vulnerable" plaques that get INFECTED with germs, such as Epstein Barr Virus, Herpes Virus, Cytomegalovirus, and other low level germs that infect humans.

Other researchers are in the process of studying and proving that these germs are more prevalent and "infectious" when NO is not present in sufficient amounts!

Therefore, heavy metal toxicity leads to decreased amounts of Nitric Oxide, which leads to unrelaxed blood vessels and associated decreased blood flow, AS WELL as vulnerability to infection of Fresh Cholesterol by low grade virus, such as Herpes, that can form and break a vesicle within an Artery and cause an immediate Hypercoagulable state, with a subsequent blood clot formation and sudden death.*

Therefore, the elimination of heavy metals becomes a desirable medical procedure that can be life-saving. The best method of Chelation likewise becomes a desirable procedure to research and perfect. This study is a step toward researching such a method.

The Chelation process has several obstacles; the first of which is the EDTA molecule, and comes in several forms, and the second of which is that Chelation not only causes the excretion of the "bad or toxic" metals but also "good or necessary" metals, as well as certain nutrients. The art and skill of a good Chelation protocol involve replacing these good and necessary nutrients while the patient is eliminating the toxic ones.

The necessary minerals are important catalysts in the Adrenal glands, which use them in the production of our Hormones, and we must be very careful not to deplete them and always make sure that we are replacing things properly. ALL GOOD CHELATION PROTOCOLS, THEREFORE, need to be designed to replace things optimally, as well as to add those supplements that aid the EDTA in its work. This is where we have introduced the concepts of HOMOTOXICOLOGY that we will get to as we proceed.

There are various forms of the EDTA molecule. The one most commonly used in the United States is Magnesium Disodium EDTA (MgNa2EDTA). For many years this has been the mainstay of Chelation practice, with full-strength 3 gram EDTA (plus 11 other ingredients) IV bottles that take 3 hours to infuse, and half-strength 1.5 gram EDTA (plus ingredients) IV bottles that take an hour and a half to infuse. These IVs are further adjusted based upon renal function, as the limiting step in this type of IV is the kidneys; whereas a normal kidney can handle 3 grams of EDTA over 3 hours, a compromised Kidney cannot.

Further limiting the rate of administration is the fact that the MgNa2EDTA IVs burn and sting when running in too quickly, and can sclerose the veins.

Further compromising the use of the older MgNa2EDTA solution IS THE VERY IMPORTANT fact that it is a Chelator for all bad metals, WITH THE EXCEPTION of Mercury, which, next to Lead, is the Metal that needed to be chelated the most. Under most circumstances a second course of Chelation is needed to detox the Mercury, the most common agent of which is DMPS; that does a very good job in eliminating this other serious, poisonous metal. THE PROBLEM is that patients than need to undergo a series of EDTA IVs, and after finishing that, start another whole series of DMPS IVs.

The newly introduced Calcium Disodium EDTA chelates Mercury and Lead, as well as the other metals. This study absolutely proves that as a protocol, CALCIUM DISODIUM EDTA and the SUPPLEMENTS, under observation, remove both of these metals.

Furthermore, because the cause of the burning and vein sclerosing is the Chelation of Calcium at the site of IV administration, by causing tetany locally, AND THAT the addition of Calcium to the EDTA molecule prevents that localized tetany, the Calcium EDTA can be administered in as little as a ONE MINUTE PUSH without pain. While this one-minute approach with just CA EDTA ALONE is possible, we elected in this protocol to add the EDTA to the same 11 ingredients as the former 3 Hour IV, and administer it over 30 Minutes.

While we did not ever compile these types of results with the older MgNa2EDTA IVs, your author actually had 43 of the older IVs, and still had metals left to chelate and has to date received 20 of these newer IVs with significantly better results!!!

c Copyright 2002 by Bruce H. Shelton, M.D., M.D.(h), DiHOM & HEEL Inc. USA Medical Director, USA
(Explore Issue: Volume 11, Number 6)

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