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Daily Immune Balance - 90 Capsules- Vegetarian
Daily Immune Balance - 90 Capsules- Vegetarian

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Daily Immune Balance - Vegetarian
( Formerly Immune Plus)
90 Capsules


When it comes to Viruses like Swine, Bird, Ebola, Corona, and future viruses similar to these, nothing is more important than building your immune system.

Immune Balance:

  • Immune Enhancement
  • Avoid Getting Sick or Push Your Illness Out of your Body
  • Stimulate Immune Activity, Modulate the Immune System, Fight Bacteria and Viral Conditions

3 Major Factors of a Diminished Immune System:

  • Age
  • Stress
  • Poor Nutrition

A healthy immune system becomes ever more important as we age, quite possibly the most important single health concern we can address at a younger age. Creating the foundation when you are younger is critical.

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Our immune system is made up of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to protect your body from illness and infection. Our immune system can recognize millions of different antigens. Our Immune System can also produce just what it needs to eradicate nearly all of them when it’s working properly. Working properly means working on creating an optimal immune system. Building your immune system is the most beneficial thing we can do, especially when we are above 40 years of age. Building your immune system earlier in life shows it pays huge dividends as we age and continue to feed our immune system just what it needs to remain optimal.

Keeping our Immune System optimal is so critical in today's virus-filled environment (Bird, Swine, Ebola, Corona etc). Our Immune Health ensures the preservation and the overall state of wellness. LifeSource Vitamins Immune Plus ingredients are synergistically blended together and designed to help our Immune System function optimally, neutralizing the foreign substances that need to be dealt with.

We believe as thousands of Doctors around the world that everyone over 30 should take action to bolster and enhance our immune systems. This will pay off in the long term in life as we age. A healthy immune system becomes ever more important as we age, quite possibly the most important single health concern we can address at a younger age.

Common disorders of the immune system

It is common for people to have an over-or underactive immune system.

Overactivity of the immune system can take many forms, including:

  • allergic diseases - where the immune system makes an overly strong response to allergens. Allergic diseases are very common. They include allergies to foods, medications or stinging insects, anaphylaxis (life-threatening allergy), hay fever (allergic rhinitis), sinus disease, asthma, hives (urticaria), dermatitis, and eczema
  • autoimmune diseases - where the immune system mounts a response against normal components of the body. Autoimmune diseases range from common to rare. They include multiple sclerosis, autoimmune thyroid disease, type 1 diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and systemic vasculitis.

of the immune system, also called immunodeficiency, can:

  • be inherited - examples of these conditions include primary immunodeficiency diseases such as common variable immunodeficiency (CVID), x-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) and complement deficiencies
  • arise as a result of medical treatment - this can occur due to medications such as corticosteroids or chemotherapy
  • be caused by another disease - such as HIV/AIDS or certain types of cancer.

An underactive immune system does not function correctly and makes people vulnerable to infections. It can be life-threatening in severe cases.

People who have had an organ transplant need immunosuppression treatment to prevent the body from attacking the transplanted organ.

The main parts of the immune system are:

  • White blood cells
  • Antibodies
  • Skin
  • Lymphatic system
  • Spleen
  • Bone marrow
  • Thymus
  • Bloodstream - complete
  • Mucosal tissue

Why Building your immune system is so important:

  • Immune Enhancement benefits
  • Avoid Getting Sick or Push Your Illness Out of your Body
  • Stimulate Immune Activity, Modulate the Immune System, Fight Bacteria and Viral Conditions

3 Major Factors of a Diminished Immune System:

  • Age
  • Stress
  • Poor Nutrition

Read what Harvard Health states: Harvard Health Immune System

What we have found throughout our studies:

  • The Immune System systematically declines in all of us as we age, making us so much more susceptible to various diseases and pathogens.
  • Chronic Inflammation is linked to heart disease. A Strong Immune System is a must to fight our bodies Inflammation.
  • Free Radicals are unstable molecules that readily react with other molecules, especially oxygen, to change their chemical composition. Antioxidants fight to help protect your body from these Free Radicals, a healthy Immune System is the best way to ensure your body can fight off these infections and diseases.

As stated by NCBI.gov : Without an immune system, we would have no way to fight harmful things that enter our body from the outside or harmful changes that occur inside our body. The main tasks of the body’s immune system are

  • to fight disease-causing germs (pathogens) like bacteria , viruses, parasites or fungi, and to remove them from the body,
  • to recognize and neutralize harmful substances from the environment, and
  • to fight disease-causing changes in the body, such as cancer cells.

LifeSource Vitamins Daily Immune Balance- Synergistic Blend contains:

Vitamin C - Acerola Cherry - Echinacea - Pau d’ Arco - Red Clover

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