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Allergies - Conditions & Cures Info with Proven Effective Supplements Listed for Allergies
Allergies - Conditions & Cures Info with Proven Effective Supplements Listed for Allergies


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Allergies - Conditions & Cures

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An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system misinterprets a normally nontoxic substance, such as grass, pollen, a detergent, or a certain food, as a harmful invader. The immune system then responds to this perceived threat, called an allergen, by releasing substances called histamines. Histamines produce a wide range of bodily reactions, including respiratory and nasal congestion, increased mucus production, skin rashes and welts, and headache. In the case of an actual threat to the body, in the form of, say, a flu virus, these reactions would form an important line of defense against the invader, helping to trap it and expel it, and encouraging you to rest and recover. But during the false alarm of an allergic response, the body overreacts to a harmless agent.

Most allergens are found either in the environment or in food. Environmental allergens include pollen (reactions to pollen are often called hay fever), mold, animal dander, dust, feathers, insect venom, certain cosmetics, and household products, and metals. When the environmental allergens are removed or make their seasonal disappearance, the body returns to normal. If the allergens are not removed, the immune system will continue its artificially high state of alert. In these cases, the allergic response can develop into chronic allergic rhinitis, in which the nasal passages remain persistently inflamed.

Why some people develop allergies to certain substances and others does not remain unclear. It does seem that certain allergic responses, such as hay fever, have a genetic basis. Excess accumulation of mucus in the body, which attracts and stores the irritant, also contributes to or causes allergic responses. In addition, stress and a generally depressed immune system may contribute to the severity of the allergies.

The top 7 vitamins and supplements have shown to help Allergies:

Prescription for Natural Cures by James F. Balch, M.D. and Mark Stengler, N.M.D.

Super Prescription #1 Allergy Relief Formula - LifeSource Vitamins
All natural allergy relief. Take as directed on the bottle.

Super Prescription # 2 Vitamin C – LifeSource Vitamins Take 1,000 mg three to five times daily (reduce the dosage is diarrhea occurs). It has a natural antihistamine effect.

Super Prescription #3 Stinging nettles (Urtica dioica)
Take 300 to 500 mg daily. Studies show that it is effective for hay fever.

Super Prescription #4 MSM – Methylsulfonylmethane – LifeSource Product Take 3,000 to 5,000 mg daily. It reduces allergic and inflammatory responses.

Super Prescription #5 Quercitin - LifeSource Vitamins
Take 1,000 mg three times daily. It has a natural antihistamine effect.

Super Prescription # 6 Eyebright (Euphrasia officinalis)
Take 1 capsule three times daily or apply as a solution to irritated eyes by putting 5 drops of the tincture form I a half ounce of saline. Apply it to the eyes twice daily.

Super Prescription #7 Omega 3, 6 9 - LifeSource Products - See All of our Omega 3 – Fish Oil Products.

Take as directed daily. They reduce inflammatory responses associated with allergies.

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Allergic responses can produce any one or a combination of several of the following symptoms:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Red, itchy, or watery eyes
  • Wheezing
  • Sore throat
  • Hives, rashes, eczema, or other skin eruptions
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Fluid retention
  • Swelling of the throat and the tongue

Caution: If you experience difficulty breathing or develop hives that spread rapidly, get emergency help at once. Allergic reactions like these can quickly be fatal. If you know you have severe reactions to certain substances, talk to your doctor about emergency adrenaline kits you can keep on hand.

Root Causes

  • Genetics
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Poor digestion and detoxification
  • Limited diet (in cases of food sensitivities, the lack of variety in the diet)



If you have allergies, dietary therapy should include strategies for mucus reduction, elimination of allergenic pathogens, and general immune support.

Recommended Food

Base your diet on non-mucus-forming foods: whole grains (although gluten sensitivity is common), fresh vegetables and fruits, cold-pressed oils, and raw seeds and nuts. (Many people with environmental allergies also have reactions to nuts, so monitor your reactions carefully.)

To keep your immune system healthy, make sure to get enough lean protein. Seafood and tofu are good sources that don't encourage mucus production.

Drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to thin mucus secretions.

Flaxseeds and flaxseed oil can reduce inflammation. Take 2 tablespoons every day.

Foods to Avoid

Eliminating foods that cause mucus should be a priority for any allergy sufferer. Mucus-forming foods include all dairy products, fried and processed foods, refined flours, chocolate, and eggs.

The immune response stresses your digestive system, so place as few additional burdens on it as possible. Cut down on bad fats and oils (saturated, hydrogenated, or those containing trans-fatty acids)-as well as the refined flour and the processed foods mentioned earlier-and increase your intake of fiber, especially from raw vegetables.

Many people with environmental allergies also suffer from food allergies. Follow an elimination diet to ensure that certain foods aren't making your environmental allergies worse.

Wheat is the unsuspected culprit behind many allergies, including those that seem to be triggered by environmental allergens. Try eliminating wheat during the seasons that usually coincide with your allergic responses.


A three-day juice fast to expel mucus is strongly encouraged. During and after the fast, you will feel your congestion begin to clear.

Green drinks are good for flushing out mucus and toxins. Drink one daily, whether you're fasting or not.

Other Recommendations

  • Exercise to expel toxins, support the immune system, and reduce stress.
  • Don't smoke or expose yourself to secondhand smoke.
  • Avoid or reduce exposure to allergy triggers. If you have mold or dust allergies, keep your house extremely clean and dry. A dehumidifier in the basement is a good idea, as are air filters and feather-free pillow and comforters. If you have a wood- or coal-burning fireplace or stove, you may need to find an alternate source of heat. In extreme cases, you may have to rid your home of any item that's likely to collect dust, including upholstered furniture, rugs, and curtains. A HEPA (high-energy particulate air) filter is highly recommended, especially in the bedroom at night.
  • Xylitol nasal spray reduces allergy symptoms. Follow directions on the container.
  • Consider desensitization treatments from a natural health-care practitioner.

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