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NutraKey Beta-Alanine- 300 Grams
NutraKey Beta-Alanine- 300 Grams

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300 Grams

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300 Grams

LifeSource Vitamins

Beta Alanine-

  • Enhance Muscular Strength & Powery
  • Increase Energy, Endurance & Stamina
  • Support Lean Muscle Mass
  • Delay Muscle Fatigue

Highly concentrated in muscle and brain tissues, the carnosine peptide prevents the buildup of hydrogen ions (H+) – the precursor to lactic acid – during high-intensity exercise. When high levels of H+ are present in your cells, your pH levels are lowered and your body becomes overly acidic. To compensate, your muscles begin to increase lactic acid production to remove H+ and return to natural pH levels(lactic acid uses H+ when forming). When H+ and/or lactic acid levels increase, exhaustion and fatigue set in quickly – no matter if you’re lifting weights or running a marathon.*

Beta-Alanine increases your ability to train longer and harder by preventing the build up of H+ and the lactic acid byproduct – increasing the amount of strenuous exercise you can perform and helping to extend the amount of time you can workout before you feel the “burn”.

Less Waste Better Recovery

The “burn” from low pH levels and lactic acid don’t just result in reduced performance and time in the gym, but are also thought to be responsible for slower recovery times as both need to be removed from muscle tissue before growth can resume at normal levels.*

Some studies even go as far to suggest that B-alanine could also directly increase strength, power, and muscle mass maintenance through this very same process.*

Even the Playing Field: Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers and B-Alanine Finally, Beta-alanine is most naturally found in the muscles of sprinters and people who can naturally back on pounds of muscle with little effort. While supplementation probably won’t make you a world-class sprinter or bodybuilder, it may certainly level the playing field between you and the world’s best.

Make Each Workout go Further

With this in mind, NutraKey has developed one of the most powerful B-alanine supplements yet – ultra micronized for maximum bioavailability and absorption without the waste of other B-alanine formulas. This means that, taken before workouts, NutraKey Beta-alanine could provide an immediate boost to both your workout and recovery – resulting in increased lean muscle, strength, and more efficient workouts.*


Can I mix Beta Alanine with juice?

Yes, you can take it with juice or your favorite beverage.

How often should I take Beta Alanine?

Powder: Take 1 serving (1 Scoop) twice daily, preferably on an empty stomach. For best results, take 1 scoop 30 minutes prior to training and 1 scoop after training or in the evening. Spreading dosage times evenly results in sustained levels of Beta-Alanine. Non-Training Days: Take 1 serving prior to your first meal of the day and 1 serving 6-8 hours later.

Is this gluten free?

Yes, The Nutrakey Beta Alanine is Pure Beta Alanine Powder. It is Non-GMO and Gluten Free. There are No Additives, No Preservatives, No Fillers, No GMOs, No Artificial Colors and is Gluten Free.


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