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New!  Liquid Methyl B-12 - Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin 2500 IU 2 fl oz
Liquid Methyl B-12 - Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin 2500 IU 2 fl oz

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Liquid Methyl B-12

2 fl oz

Methyl B - Methylcobalamin is a form of bio-active Vitamin B12 that is well absorbed and crosses the blood-brain barrier more effectively than other forms of B12.

Health Benefits of Vitamin B12, Based on Science

  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia / Memory Support
  • Neurodegenerative Disease Support
  • Brain Support, Preventing Loss of Neurons
  • Increases Energy and Vitality
  • Helps with Coordination - Balance
  • Helps with Red Blood Cell Formation
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Prevention of Osteoporosis
  • Macular Degeneration - Vision
  • Improves Mood, Outlook & Nervous System
  • Helps Combat Depression
  • Improves Heart Health by Decreasing Homocysteine
  • Stroke Risk Decline Potential
  • Aids in Digestion

Read Below: Full Description, Clinical Studies & Research on Vitamin B12.

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Vitamin B12 – Methylcobalamin

Liquid Methyl B-12 – 2,500 IU

2 fl oz

What is Vitamin B12 - Methylcobalamin

Methylcobalamin is a form of bio-active Vitamin B12 that is well absorbed and crosses the blood brain barrier more effectively than other forms of B12. This makes it suitable for general/systemic wide B12 deficiency, and more uniquely for brain/nerve disorders. It is the form of vitamin B12 active in the central nervous system. It is essential for cell growth and replication. In some people the liver may not convert cyanocobalamin, the common supplemental form of vitamin B12, into adequate amounts of methylcobalamin needed for proper neuronal functioning. Methylcobalamin may exert its neuroprotective effects through enhanced methylation, acceleration of nerve cell growth, or its ability to maintain already healthy homocysteine levels. For methylcobalamin to be available to the brain, it should be allowed to dissolve in the mouth.

The body relies on the efficient conversion of carbohydrates and fatty acids to glucose, the body's fuel. Vitamin B12 plays a major role in that conversion.

Why vitamin B12 deficiency should be resolved

The body depends on vitamin B12 for many vital processes, including these listed below

  • Maintaining normal energy levels*
  • Healthy neurological functioning, including mental alertness and clarity*
  • Supporting normal homocysteine levels for healthy cardiac function*
  • Helping to ease occasional stress and sleeplessness*
  • Maintaining healthy cell growth and repair*
  • Promoting normal immune function*
  • Supporting normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fats*

Extra energy is just one of B12's many health benefits, Vitamin B12 confers other health benefits too, some of which are listed below

  • Helps folic acid regulate the formation of red blood cells*
  • Helps the body use iron*
  • Essential for proper digestion, food absorption, carbohydrate and fat metabolism*
  • Helps keep your nervous system healthy*
  • Helps in cell formation and cellular longevity*
  • Supports female reproductive health*
  • Promotes normal nerve growth and development (by maintaining the fatty sheaths that cover and protect your nerve endings*
  • Critical to circulation and adrenal hormone production*
  • Helps boost your immunity*
  • Supports a healthy mood and feelings of well-being*
  • Excellent support for your memory, mental clarity, and concentration*

Some of the symptoms of Vitamin B12 deficiency include....

  • Tiredness and feelings of weakness
  • Less-than-optimal nervous system functioning
  • Less-than-optimal eye health
  • Loss of appetite and unintended weight loss
  • Occasional constipation and gas
  • Feelings of mild moodiness
  • Less-than-optimal memory
  • A tendency toward nervousness
  • Less-than-optimal balance
  • Less-than-optimal liver or heart health
  • Premature grey hair
  • Occasional digestive issues

When blood levels of vitamin B12 are low, one or more of these processes may be affected. Without adequate B12, one can experience symptoms related to low energy, mental fatigue, mood changes, sleep difficulties, and even occasional indigestion.

The body relies on the efficient conversion of carbohydrates and fatty acids to glucose, the body's fuel. Vitamin B12 plays a major role in that conversion.

The older one gets the more likely a vitamin B12 deficiency becomes. Vitamin B12 deficiency comes about from either not getting enough in your diet and/or from losing the ability to absorb it.

As one ages the digestive system deteriorates (especially with a western diet). The lining of the stomach loses its ability to produce hydrochloric acid which releases vitamin B 12 from your food. The use of antacids or anti-ulcer drugs will also lower your stomach acid secretion and decrease your ability to absorb vitamin B12. Infection with Helicobactor pylori, a common contributor to stomach ulcers, can also result in vitamin B12 deficiency.

However the main cause of vitamin B12 deficiency is a term researcher’s call "food-cobalamin malabsorption syndrome". Cobalamin is the scientific term for vitamin B12. This typically results when the stomach lining loses the ability to produce the protein that binds to vitamin B12 and allows your body to absorb it at the end of your small intestine.

Many people often feel tired, run-down, and lacking in energy. Low energy is a major health complaint. One of the main reasons for this is the regular consumption of refined/processed foods, which are:

  • Depleted of vital nutrients
  • Loaded with sugar
  • Full of chemicals
  • Overloaded with food colorings and preservatives.

Add to this the harmful effects of caffeine, pollution, conventional therapies, and the stress most people experience every day.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Dangers

B12 Deficiency can lead to a wide variety of health problems and reduce the quality of life of the sufferer significantly. Because Vitamin B12 is tied so closely with our cellular function and health, too little could mean problems in any of our body’s systems.

The Methylation Cycle’s Effects

· Vital for the production of Coenzyme Q10, Energy, Creatine, Melatonin, Phosphatidylcholine and Carnitine.

· Responsible for the synthesization of proteins that make hormones, neurotransmitters and numerous immune components.

· Preventing gene overexpression.

· Regulating sulfur metabolism which is required to detoxify our body and cells.

· Involved in the fabrication of phospholipids and myelin in the brain and our nervous system.

· Required for our cellular mediated immune function such as T-Cells.

· A necessary piece of the metabolism of Folic Acid.

· Needed to convert hazardous homocysteine into mood elevating methionine.

Staying Young with Methylation

If there were a best single way to determine how rapidly you were aging, it would definitely be gauged by methylation rate.

Just as Glutathione levels start to diminish as we age, as does our rate of methylation. The methylation process is responsible for Glutathione production as well as a plethora of other vital functions.

It is easy to see why we become susceptible to disease, infection, cellular dysfunction and cognitive decay as we age. As soon as our methylation cycle begins to diminish, the process of dying starts. This process lasts a few decades, but signs and symptoms can appear rather quickly.

By promoting a healthy methylation cycle, you are promoting total cellular health, immune function and decreasing your biological age substantially. At the very root of anti-aging, methylation is the key to a long healthy life.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is more common than previously thought, not limited to vegetarians who were previously seen as the "primary" group suffering from this deficiency. It is common also in the over-60s (as high as 25% of this group). Furthermore, evidence is now emerging that other age groups may also have a deficiency.

If You Avoid Meat, You Probably Need to Take B12

Vegetarians have an increased need for vitamin B12

Many people avoid red meats for a large variety of reasons. However, this puts one at a high risk for developing vitamin B12 deficiency, because plant sources have virtually no vitamin B12 and most oral (non-sublingual) forms of B12 in nearly all supplements are practically useless, as little is absorbed into your bloodstream.

Vegetarians should take this essential micronutrient to ensure an adequate supply of it, because it is found almost exclusively in animal tissues. The few plant foods that are sources of B12 are actually B12 analogs, not the form that provides all the benefits of the real deal. A B12 analog is a substance that blocks the uptake of true B12, the result being, the body's need for the nutrient actually increases.

Vitamin B12 Role in Insomnia

If you suffer from sleeping difficulties, daytime B12 supplementation may help. B12 plays a vital role in melatonin production. Melatonin has been called "the sleep hormone" because it is responsible for letting you get a good night's sleep. As one ages, it becomes increasingly more difficult to get a good night's sleep because the body becomes less efficient at making this hormone.

Sometimes even those who eat foods rich in B12 may need to supplement. Even if one eats plenty of meat, poultry, lamb's liver, brewer's yeast, clams, eggs, herring, mackerel, kidneys, milk, dairy products, seafood, low levels of B12 may still prevail. This is possibly because the body is unable to absorb it from the gut. Vitamin B12 needs the help of a protein in order to be absorbed. That protein is called intrinsic factor. And because the lining of your stomach makes intrinsic factor, people with less-than-optimal gastrointestinal health often need to supplement with B12.

Likewise, most people over the age of 50 have a limited ability to absorb B12 too, thus, the need for supplementation.

Vitamin B12 for Serious Health Conditions

High-dose sublingual Vitamin B12 has been found, in many cases, to help relieve Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, bi-polar disorder (especially depression), psychotic depression, violent behavior, paranoid psychosis, asthma, allergies, low immunity and chronic fatigue. Vitamin B12 in the form of Methylcobalamin is non-toxic and crosses the blood-brain barrier and is therefore especially beneficial in brain and neurological disorders.

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