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These amazing Juicing recipes and articles will help you be the healthiest you can possibly be while fighting numerous ailments and diseases. Just replace one meal a day or use as your snack to start, then you can work up to more times per day. It is important to not eat two hours before or two hours after the juice to make sure the juice hits the blood stream and intestines. Juicing can change your life, from Blood Pressure to Cholesterol and hundreds of ailments. Want to get off prescriptions? Colon, Kidney, Liver and Whole Body cleanses. Remove kidney, liver and gallbladder stones and toxins from your body. Lose weight, feel and look better and increase your overall energy level. Add years to your life and life to your years. Watch what happens to your skin, hair and nails too, amazing! Try juicing! The results can be astonishing. Have questions, call us: 800-567-8122

Bruce Brightman - Founder - LifeSource Vitamins

May God Bless you and yours abundantly!

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