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Since 1992 God has put it upon our hearts at LifeSource Vitamins to humbly give back to His Kingdom. For over 28 years we have been honored to give All of our proceeds to Christian organizations across the globe. Organizations such as Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) and The Jesus Film Project, Compassion International, Samaritan's Purse and countless others worldwide.

LifeSource Vitamins Fundraising Made Easy! is designed exclusively for Churches, Youth Groups, Kids Ministries, and Christian ministries of any kind. This is more of a focused Fundraising initiative that will impact your group on a more personal and local level.

We have over 500 different supplements for everyone from children to seniors. 20% of all orders go to your ministry every month!

Here is an outline of how easy it works:

  • Free to Sign-Up – Just call us – 800.567.8122

  • All materials for this program are mailed right to you – Free. This includes our current LifeSource Vitamins Product Catalog, flyers, and other promotional materials.

  • Easy Ordering: Either online or by phone. Once they place their first order they are linked to your organization, All re-orders are connected to you automatically!

  • Online Orders have a pull-down menu at checkout, customers select your ministry once and from that point all of their orders automatically are credited to your ministry! 20% of each order will go directly to your ministry automatically.

It really is that easy! Orders are processed immediately and shipped within 24 business hours. Then the first of every month all of the sales are tallied, and checks are mailed directly to the ministry.

Call us today and be a part of Fundraising Made Easy!