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Fish Oil Reduces Chronic Inflammation By: Bruce Brightman / Founder LifeSource Vitamins
Fish Oil Reduces Chronic Inflammation By: Bruce Brightman / Founder LifeSource Vitamins

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Fish Oil Reduces Chronic Inflammation

By: Bruce Brightman / Founder LifeSource Vitamins

It has been pointed out by study after study, Inflammation wreaks havoc and is truly destructive on our cell and tissue functions, which in turn leads us to be extremely vulnerable to Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Neurodegeneration as well as bone loss and joint integrity breakdown.

Age, poor diet, and numerous other environmental factors always tip the balance of our bodies being in an anti-inflammatory to pro-inflammatory environment, this is where the slow burning internal fires that damage our overall health begin to set in. Fish Oil rebalances the eicosanoid pathway and shown to safely help reduce inflammation.

There are recent studies that show we can control our inflammation balance, tipping it back to a low-inflammation by adding Fish Oil supplements rich in Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Reversing that inflammation with Fish Oil has shown to slow certain aging processes.

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