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Enzymes Study - Digestion Health Critical as we age by Bruce Brightman, LifeSource Vitamins - Article
Enzymes Study - Digestion Health Critical as we age by Bruce Brightman, LifeSource Vitamins - Article

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Enzymes Study - Digestion Health Critical as we age by Bruce Brightman, LifeSource Vitamins

As we age our bodies produce fewer Enzymes that are essential for breaking down the food we consume extracting energy and nutrients. As a result, undigested food passes into the colon and causes cramping, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. This increase in digestive discomforts is a sign that our bodies cannot keep up without help.

It’s possible to replace the Enzymes necessary for good health and digestion. Over 70 years ago it was discovered by scientists that Enzyme supplements could restore rapid digestion of foods in the stomach.

Every food group has an essential Enzyme for its breakdown. For the optimal digestion, we need digestive Enzyme supplements that address the breakdown of the classes of food:

Protease is an Enzyme produced by the pancreas and is necessary for the breakdown of protein. Undigested protein has been associated with colon cancer. Plus, protease supplements may help in reducing symptoms of gluten and casein intolerances.

Lipase is an Enzyme that breaks down the fat we eat. This keeps the undigested fats from passing through the GI tract producing uncomfortable symptoms. It can also cause malnutrition because it prevents our bodies from absorbing valuable fat-soluble vitamins.

Cellulase is an Enzyme that breaks down cellulose (the indigestible polysaccharide) and allows smoother digestion of tough vegetables, i.e., broccoli, asparagus, and beans.

Amylase is an Enzyme that promotes complete digestion of carbohydrates and starches. Amylase deficiency allows undigested carbohydrates to pass on to the colon. This leads to cramping, gas, and diarrhea.

Bromelain which is extracted from pineapples contains powerful protease Enzymes. This is especially helpful in people with chronic pancreatic insufficiency (when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough digestive Enzymes).

Digestive Enzymes can do what no commercial drug can by addressing the underlying causes of distressing poor digestive symptoms and poor nutrient absorption.

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