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Balanced Greens Cell Super Food Fulvic Minerals 4 fl oz
Balanced Greens Cell Super Food Fulvic Minerals 4 fl oz

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4 fl oz - 80 Day Supply

Balanced Greens Cell Super Food Fulvic Minerals 4 fl oz

  • Nature’s most powerful electrolyte and antioxidant
  • 72 Trace Minerals
  • A Missing Nutritional Link
  • Helps Remove Toxins & Metals
  • Protects Against Free Radicals
  • Super Oxygenates the Blood
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Catalyst – Drives Nutrients Deeper
  • Athletic Performance & Endurance
  • Re-mineralize the body
  • Helps to balance ph

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Balanced Greens
Cell Super Food
Fulvic Minerals
4 fl oz- 80 Day supply

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LifeSource Vitamins

  • Support Joint Function & Soft Tissue
  • Support Healthy Digestion & Circulation
  • Support Healthy Brain Function
  • Support Thyroid Function

What is Fulvic Acid Minerals and where does it come from?

Our fulvic acid minerals are extracted from a humic shale deposit. This deposit is a layer of decomposed plant matter formed from ancient minerals laden plants, some depsoits dated to 75 million years. Our fulvic minerals have an absorption rate of 90-98%, double to triple most of the counter minerals on the market. Two primary benefits to this absorption rate are: 1) it enhances the the transport and bioavailability of other nutrients and 2) it supports the body's natual detoxification of metals and toxins. Our fulvic minerals are produced by running distilled water over the humic matter. We obtain our fulvic acid minerals ( called Cell Superfood) from Mountain Family Wellness Clinic, who have tested and perfected this fulvic at their clinic.

Fulvic Acid Mineral is a powerful electrolyte and antioxidant that has been shown to restore and balance cell life. Electrolytes are the primary factors for cell and immune system health. They also assist in the absorption of minerals into the cells where the body can use them. The physical well being of a human is determined by proper electrical potential. Fulvic Acid Minerals has the unique ability to break down toxins and reduce them to a harmless state. Fulvic Acid Minerals is effective at neutralizing a wide range of toxic materials – everything from heavy metals and radioactive waste.

Fulvic Acid Minerals super oxygenates the blood and contains an abundant array of naturally occurring micro-sized nutritional organic elements that are essential for living things. These elements include 72 essential trace minerals, all major electrolytes (Chloride, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium), antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, superoxide dismutases, natural antibiotics, phytochemicals, powerful free-radical scavengers, supercharged antioxidants, trace element complexes, natural fungicides, natural biochemicals and cytokines.

Deep cellular health.

Start slowly with 1 spray as detox symptoms may occur. Add 1 spray every 2 days until you reach 5 sprays morning and evening, for a total of 10 sprays daily. If you feel you are able, start with 2-3 sprays. Do not spray directly into mouth. Use only in non-chlorinated water, Balanced Greens proteins or green drink. Can be sprayed on joints and soft tissue. Do not take within one hour of any medications. Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

Ingredients & Probiotics

Proprietary Blend: Pure Fulvic Acid (Humic Acid) & distilled water

Naturally Occurring: 72 Essential Trace Minerals, all major electrolytes and 15 Amino Acids

Every LifeSource Vitamins product exceeds the standards and requirements set forth in the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulation (21 CFR, 111) Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).


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